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Rumba Urbana, M10 2002 CD
Asi es la vida !, Garage records /Night and day 2004 CD
3 Cosas , La fugitive 2008 CD
Warhead, La fugitive 2013 EP
4 Stones, La fugitive 2013 LP and CD



Manu Castillo is a multiple and complex character, guitarist, singer and harmonica player, Andalusian always been acclimated to the jungles of Val de Marne, a part of Paris’ suburbs, a prominent and respected member of the Parisian punk tribe of the 80s, the legendary "raya", his all musical universe based on the meeting.
Of its meeting with Marco Laurent will be born Wunderbach, Parisian combo Oi which had its hours of glories at the beginning of eighties,, with Paris Londres or Aujourd’hui dans la rue, titles that remain forever in the memories of regulars customers of Paris’ squats, even if the "Wunderfamily" still raging in 2013, giving five or six concerts a year, concerts commandos, often unexpected, always effective ...
During the same time, meeting with the team garage studio, label owner of the same name will allow him to learn the sound and studio work while providing a salary ...
In 2001, he met guitarist and bassist José Pinto enable him to carry out his most personal project, Tio Manuel, protean group without mixing complex blues, Tex-Mex music, flamenco, ska, dub, reggae, able to move from a love song to the social criticism. Manu tells with his guitars, and many unique, his life, his travels in Mexico, Latin America or Texas in a humanistic approach clearly displayed fully accepted.
After three albums and concerts worldwide, Manu meets the rhythm section of the rock steady band The Run, the Parisian Lolo Ganzaman on bass, and native Abidjan Leon Téoquer on the drums, which will be behind the Manu a series of concerts by the Tio Manuel Trio in 2012. The special atmosphere of these acoustic gigs will result in the recording of the fourth album of the band, Four Stones.
Another meeting will be crucial during the preparation of this album, one with English Paul Slack, historical UK Subs bassist. Their friendship will emerge a clear record an acoustic version of the song oi militarist group, Warhead. Excited, Slack, composer of the song, even agreed to play bass on this new version and said the text of the end.
The result is a dark and joyful mix up, starting with the cover of Warhead, which takes in this interpretation unexpectedly serious ("What? From violin and ukulele on Warhead?" Yeah ...), followed by ten pieces devoid of any electric guitar. It speaks of desert, girls, alcohol, weapons, narcos but there tells the story of Roque Dalton, libertarian Salvadoran poet murdered by his fellow ... Manu guitars are metal, dry and dirty. One night in Brazil, accompanied by his son, he sees a quiet night at the hotel disturbed by the noise of the Kalashnikov wide, giving him the idea of a strong tracks on the album, AK47 Blues. It smells like dust and blues. The slide and dobro. It is the meeting of folk and punk rock, supported by the relentless rhythmic Ganzaman / Teoquer. After many years, it seems that the combo has found a seat, a stability that will take away.
Tio Manuel Trio will soon be on the road, come to meet him.