Tipo Uisque

Tipo Uisque

 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BRA

Tipo Uisque: 6 friends interested in nothing but making music.


An idea that leads to another. One day, another. One chord, another and another. Dreams that people share, mix up and put down like poetry: music. And just like that, in 2008, was born Tipo Uísque: 4 friends interested in nothing but making music.

Because of the single "Fight it", the band was titled as "dancing rock". New when it comes of making concerts - tough it's been on stage at some of the Rio de Janeiro most important underground clubs - Tipo Uísque is working on "Afague", their first EP, with 6 songs (all written in english) wich 4 of them were never listened before. Tipo Uísque is Aline Lessa (keyboards), Joana Cid (bass), Larissa Conforto (drums) and Pin Böner (vocals).


Tipo Uísque - Afague (EP 2010)