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"Road to Bonnaroo Show Review - 4/16/13"

Tipper Whore found a balance between Ri¢hie and Meth Dad, playing on ultra-catchy songs about doing cocaine with Ke$ha (“Cocaine With Ke$ha”) and getting day drunk (“Day Drunk”) while dressed as nurses. Frankly, any band that uses the word “motherfucker” as liberally as Tipper Whore does is A-OK with us. For what they may lack in the emotional honesty of Ponychase, they make up for in sexual euphemisms and condoms thrown haphazardly into the crowd. - Nashville Scene

"Critic's Pick: The Owl Farm Show Preview - 10/13/12"

Tipper Whore, who may be the secret lovechild of The B-52s and The Cramps. Be on time so you don’t miss out! - The Nashville Scene

"Critic's Pick - QDProm Show Preview - 2/14/13"

...booze-addled glamour-punks Tipper Whore (releasing their debut single, “Day Drunk”)... - The Nashville Scene

"Jim Shearer's Personal Opinion"

I likey! Has the essence of Le Tigre and Ima Robot (before Edward Sharpe grew a beard and became a hippie).
- Jim Shearer (MTV2 / VH1's Top 20 Countdown)

"Christmas Video Highlight - 12/18/12"

And finally, you know what local costume-wearing tongue-in-cheek rock 'n' rollers Tipper Whore are up to when not being followed on Twitter by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey? Why, they're getting day drunk, making promo vids for their forthcoming single and playing Christmas carols. Watch that video after the jump. It's silly. - The Nashville Scene

"Fresh Track Review - 2/15/13"

Coed, mirthful garage-pop outfit Tipper Whore released a brand-new single, appropriately enough, on Valentine's Day via YK Records. As noted by Lance Conzett in his Critic's Pick, the Whore will celebrate the unleashing of their 7-inch (wink) tomorrow night at Mercy Lounge's QDProm, but you can already stream or purchase the tunes via Tipper Whore's Bandcamp page. TW's lithe, catchy melodies actually remind me just a touch of all those quirky Athens New Wave outfits — The B-52s and Pylon and so on — paired with a hint of knowing cock rock. It's goofy, it's fun. Dig it. - The Nashville Scene

"QDProm Show Preview - 2/15/13"

"If you haven’t had a chance to check out Tipper Whore, they 'make songs about drinking, one night stands, how hell is a party, doing cocaine with Ke$ha… and the likes ' And who doesn’t want to hear that? Exactly." - No Country for New Nashville


Two Sticks / Day Drunk 7" - Yewknee Records



Tipper Whore was formed during the early, blurry hours of April Fools Day, 2012, in a record room in (East) Nashville, TN. It all started like any other band. For practice, Megan would fly in from Oregon and Nick would drive down from Michigan. Kelly would make quiche and Ryan would bake cupcakes. Meredith and Jason would provide the cheap handle of booze and a garage to play in. Tipper Whore just wants to have a good time and make enough money to pay off their noise ordinance violations, support a top shelf alcohol addiction and trash fancy hotel rooms without giving a shit. The band features former members of The Lolligags, Dr. Dook, Bent Fur, New Designs in Architecture, and one person who plays the shovel.