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Tipsy has a smooth flow over funky beats that make you want to sit back and rock your head, or get up and shake your ass. The beats and lyrics are tight and his delivery will captivate you. Tipsy will be the next artist to make the industry step up its game.


Lil Tipsy began writing lyrics and producing beats at the age of eleven. Now at the age of eighteen, with the backing of his father and the Birdman Musick Team, Lil Tipsy is ready to share his music with the world. Being the son of The Original Birdman (a seasoned rap artist, producer and CEO of Birdman Musick LLC), Lil Tipsy is following in his fathers footsteps. The years of sitting in on studio sessions, pressing buttons on his fathers equipment and collaborating with his father have really paid off. The unique bond that this dynamic duo share has created a production team, Father & Son Team Production, that comes second to none. Tipsy's music stands out from the status quo. Tipsy produces Midwest Gumbo style tracks, which is a unique style of beats that feature a variety of styles including club tracks with laid back flows, and down south tracks.


"The Whole City Behind Me"