TipsyTom x Kayoed

TipsyTom x Kayoed


TipsyTom x Kayoed is a high energy young Canadian DJ Duo that is guaranteed to blow the roof of any venue they perform atm, we never disappoint !


TipsyTom x Kayoed consists of two best friends both at the age of 21, they both started messing around with DAW's such as FL Studios in there high school years, always with a high appreciation for electronic dance music they both knew this is what they wanted to do for the rest of there lives, coming from a small city with not much to do in it most of there time was spent together producing tracks.

In Late 2011 they got there first break and got there first show at a local bar, with the rest of there group the " 4 EL3MENTS ", since then they have played with some big names in the game such as Tantrum Desire, Dzeko & Torres, Modified Motion, Dr. Ozi & Many many more at notable venues such as The Guvernment, The Annex wreckroom, The Firehall and several more known venues in the GTA.

Recently having there EP "Higher" singed by BPM Records & "Roughneck" signed to Big Mamas House, as well as numerous other local / international singings Tipsytom x Kayoed are a Canadian duo to be looked out for in 2013 as they show no signs of stopping any time soon !


Nightlife " Single " - Available now via B2TDF Recordings ( Canada )

Higher " EP " - March 2013 via BPM Records ( Canada )

Roughneck " Single " - May 2013 via Big Mamas House Records ( Germany )

Black Stallion " Single " - May 2013 via Don't Look Productions ( Canada )