Tired of Sleep

Tired of Sleep



Tired Of Sleep has been around the better part of 6 to 7 years now. All and all we have played together in various forms for the better part of a decade. We are on no label and have done everything on our own independently. We put everything we possibly can of our own personal resources into getting our art and music to anyone that wants to listen to good music. For those that can follow along with the lyrics you get an understanding and idea on where our views are in the world today. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback to whatever we end up putting down. Our fans are truly the best and nothing but supportive in what we do. Whether or not we get signed or get assistance from an outside source for projecting our music to the masses. One thing is for sure; we will never stop doing what we love to do, and that is just playing music together. We are all a family.


2 EP demos self titled. 4 tracks long.

1st L.P. "Surviving the Tree of Liberty"
release soon!

Set List

We have over 3 hours worth of set time with originals and covers. It's hard to describe our originals and what order we play them. They are all really good in our opinion and we like to mix the set list up a lot. We like to feel out the crowd first and then we will sit down and right out the order.

Our covers include NIN: PIggy, Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit, Ween: Voodoo Lady, Blur: Song 2, Marilyn Manson: Tourniquet, Peter Gabriel: Digging in the Dirt. all Tired Of Sleep style. We believe when it comes to covers you should throw something into to the mix that makes it unique to who ever is covering it. Adds their little bit of flavor to it.