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Tiren Jhames

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Break The Surface

Written By: Tiren Jhames

1) Touch of metal
touch of felt
Touch in private feel the
boundaries melt
Touched by darkness
touched by light
Touch impales the soul with
second sight

2) Touch intolerant, touch desired
Touch ignites the fuel and
fans the fire
Touch is madness
touch is prayer
Touch incites desire and
lays it bare

CHORUS: Alarm sent pounding
through the vein
Skin a siren
screaming pain
Flesh too selfish
to ignore
Storm that drives the ship
to shore
Barbed and passionate parade
Signals beg to be obeyed
Secrets bold enough to
Break the Surface

3) Touch is torpid
Touch runs swift
Touch defenses see the focus shift
Touch your lover
touch your foe
Touch emotions watch the ceiling blow


4) Touch is primal to the core
It needs and feeds and breeds
and then wants more
Touch betrays what trust believes
Touch is judgement
and it preconceives


Proof of You

Written By: Tiren Jhames

1) Never could have come this far without some kind of plan
Never would have understood
the stars
with all my innocence abandoned.

2) Never could have touched your face if the law had found its mark
Like fireworks seen from space
your Light is so far from my darkness

Sub: Memories are mirrors in the air
Casting your Image everywhere

I see
my life
like a film
in black and white
And every frame
gives proof
of You

3) Every treasure to accrue every level to attain
They’re as fickle as the tidal moon Ghost ships ever sailing
But the mark is not yet made the course is not yet run
Tho’ the past remain
in greyer shades
it’s vibrant colour
I’m becoming.