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"Tisa: Chapter II"

This CD is awesome! Better than Yolanda Adams and CeCe Winans, in my opinion, I have never heard such a pure and simple voice like Tisa Wood’s. Her self-entitled CD, Tisa: Chapter II, is one for your collections of inspirational CDs. Every song uplifts and inspires the listener to keep moving forward no matter what trials and tribulations they are going through. For example, Constantly (track 2) is a wonderful reminder that God is “constantly holding me…giving me everything that I need.”
Try Me Now (track 13 cd edit) is our war cry to God to give us another chance to and to try me now. This is the song you sing when you know that you are now ready for to do whatever it is He has called you to do…when you have tried to do it all on your own and it has not worked.
My all time favorite on this CD is 6 Questions (track 7). With lyrics like “why did I, where did I, when did I…step into you,” this has become my nighttime prayer to God. How sweet it is to hear a songstress purely praise, uplift and intone her sincere amazement at how life has been changed and blessed by the presence of God. She says, “Jesus, you are my inspiration…my life is your creation.” I cry every time I hear this song because it reminds me of my walk with Him and how my life has been blessed.
Finally, Hymn Medley (track 14) is just powerful. It starts of slow and old, like the hymnals the old folks in your grandmother’s church used to sing. Then, Tisa comes in at then end to complete the medley of her backup singers, and oh, my gosh! Power! You can feel the presence of the Lord or the Higher Power, whatever you call Him.
~Tisa will be the featured songstress at Average Girl’s 5th Annual Fancy Hat Tea Party on Saturday, December 15, 2007 in Richmond, VA. To learn more about Tisa, visit www.tisa.us. - Average Girl Magazine

"Chapter II"

Monday, Aug 13, 2007

I’ll be honest. I’ve never really cared for gospel music. It’s never been my thing and I find it to be very flat and repetitive.
Tisa is trying her best to change all that.
Tisa Wood, more commonly known as just Tisa (pronounced Tee-sah), is a local singer whose style leans more toward modern R&B than traditional gospel.
Her latest album “Chapter II” packs a welcome punch that is full of music that is as soothing as it is powerful.
Tisa's vocals are some of the best I've heard in a long time. She can carry her voice so well that she could give some of the most powerful soul singers a run for their money.
“Chapter II” draws from her own life and thoughts to create credible lyrics and intense R&B-flavored gospel music. Tisa lets it all out. Nothing in her life -- including her fears, her hopes and her faith -- is left untouched by her soothing, powerful vocals. Tisa’s personal testimony encourages and inspires the listener through songs such as "Thank You Mama" and "6 Questions," which proves she takes nothing in her life for granted.
Although Tisa tries her best to keep the listener engaged, some of the tracks start to repeat themselves -- something that could have been easily avoided had the tracks been arranged differently.
"Chapter II" is obviously Tisa's next step in her musical evolution, which will only continue to grow. But if most gospel music is as compelling as hers, I may have to expand my musical tastes.
- Richmond Times Dispatch


Diary of an Overcomer
New Project "TISA Chapter 2"




Gifts come without repentance, but the anointing costs. Tisa (Tee-sah) is an artist who has always been gifted but it was not until she submitted to the Lord could she see how all the painful experiences of her childhood had been preparation for her ministry. There is a process; a crushing that releases the oil of the anointing. Listening to her music you will hear the sincerity and purity of her spirit and feel the anointing of the Lord God. Tisa’s decision to use her vocal ability to sing exclusively in the Gospel Inspirational music arena was one she could not escape. She knew that her true calling was to inspire, uplift, exhort and positively impact individuals for Christ. Since then, Tisa has been the winner of contests at local radio stations as well as a semi finalist in Bishop Paul Morton's Gospel Dream Talent Search. In 2000 and 2002, Tisa once again won talent contests as 'lead vocalist' of a trio and as ' solo female vocalist'. She has appeared on TBN’S “Praise The Lord”-Jacksonville FL and Bobby Jones New Artist Showcase. Also Tisa has opened for BIU, VICKIE WINANS and BISHOP LARRY TROTTER and showcased at Teresa Hairston’s GHF conference 2005 in Atlanta. She has performed background vocals on Co-Pastor Elena Robertson's 2007 release "Amazing" as well as live with Allen and Allen and Stephanie Dotson. She was a finalist in Daywind’s Exalting Him 2005 talent Search televised to over 90 million households via TBN. Most recently she was awarded contemporary female vocalist of the year at the IGMA ceremony. Tisa released her debut album in October 2003, entitled "Diary Of An Overcomer" in which she had the opportunity to minister songs at the Legendary Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The album is an Urban/Contemporary production. It features all original material written primarily by Tisa, and is packed full of lyrics inspired from Tisa's unique, personal testimony. The album is filled with energy, passion and emotion, and is an inspiration and comfort to people everywhere. She has just released her sophomore project self-titled "TISA Chapter II". This project displays her ascension as an artist and worshipper, for GOD’s glory. Tisa is an artist of pure, real music ministry who has truly lived to "overcome". Tisa currently is a member of the International Praise Team and a state leader of worship for the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship under the leadership of General Overseer of Music William Murphy III. She also serves as a praise and worship leader and choir director at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, VA as well as a leader in the Women's Ministry (KAPOW) at Mt. Gilead under the direction of Co-Pastor Elena Robertson.