Tish Lyndsey

Tish Lyndsey

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Tish Lyndsey’s songs have been hailed as “fresh interpretations of jazz, pop and soul” by the IndyStar. Nuvo Newsweekly wrote; “It’s not easy to quantify Tish Lyndsey’s musical style; I once described her as a Billie Holliday-style torch singer, which is accurate but doesn’t even begin to explain her range”. A Michigan native, Tish grew up with her jazz-artist Mom who she cites as an influence along with Fleetwood Mac & David Gray. Her songs & stage aura have sparked buzz with each show, prompti


Whatever IT is, Tish Lyndseys got it. You notice when she walks into a room. When she sits down at the piano to sing, you get it. Her voice is smoky and sweet. Its rich, soulful, and at times playful - the perfect instrument to melt over her poignant words. Her lyrics are introspective, stylish, and sometimes brazen. A self-taught pianist & singer-songwriter; Lyndsey blends rock, jazz, and rhythm & blues into a mixture you cant wait to sip after a long day. Its a sound that draws from the past, but couldn't be any more relevant and fresh today.

Tish Lyndsey grew up in the Detroit area with her jazz-singer Mother. Often as a child, she would go to work with her Mother, sometimes singing background. She loved the glamour of jazz music, but was also entranced with the energy and excitement of rock greats like The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, and Blondie. I saw Debbie Harry on TV when I was about 6, and I thought she was the most amazing thing Id ever seen. I dont know that I knew what cool meant at 6, but I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I still do!

As an adolescent, she started writing songs by constructing melodies from her huge collection of poems. I was always writing, Tish recalls. I had an extreme amount of teen angst, and writing was the only way I knew how to deal with it all. As an adult, I still find that I have those angsty times. So writing has been a good pal over the years.

Tish has spent recent years honing her skills as a captivating stage performer, playing across the country and attracting a very loyal fan following. Her presence on the stage is, in a word, bewitching. Comparisons have ranged from Stevie Nicks, Billie Holiday to her musical idol, Jim Morrison from The Doors. "When I play, I never really think about what I'm doing visually. I just want to sing without passing out from stage fright", Tish says with a self-effacing smirk. "It's funny though, before every gig I always write a 'J' on my wrist to remind me of Morrison. He was apparently super shy but you wouldn't know it from watching him perform. So I guess I try to channel that when I'm onstage. Can't go wrong with Jimmy, right?" She pauses, thinks for minute and then sadly says "Except for, well... forget Paris". It's then you realize why you can't take your eyes off of her. She is completely engaged - always.

Tish Lyndsey's music is the same. Her songs are honest, moody and old-fashion-romantic without being gimmicky. Her voice is obviously powerful, but the way she sticks to the melody without a lot of vocal gymnastics shows the same quiet confidence she has in person. When speaking with Tish, she has a strange way of being very warm and sweet but otherworldly at the same time. She is open and gracious, but you can't help thinking she knows something you never will. Simply put, Tish Lyndsey is an artist. "There have been many times that I wished I hadn't been made wanting to make music the way I do. It's unappreciated and there's no guarantee of success the way that most people measure success". She continues slowly, "Someone who didn't know me once asked what I would do if my singing career didn't work out. I never spoke to them again. Music is not something I do. It's just how I was born."

Set List

Set ranges from 45-60 minutes, original works.

For booking, please contact Erika via email at: erika@tishlyndsey.com