Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR

A 16 year old electronic producer/DJ from Norwich, living in Edinburgh who performs a set with a difference. Bringing you a mix of todays most popular electronic music with some of his own creations which include essences of house, dubstep, drum and bass and many other electronic genres.


Growing up i had many influences around me that drew me into music. I have played guitar and many other instruments since a young age and when i was 12 i was in a performing metal band as a vocalist. Doing concerts whilst at such a young age i found a love for performing live and making people happy. At the age of 14 i turned to computer music, creating weird and whacky sounds with simple audio editors, to my friends and family, it was just noise but to me, i could understand it. I then began to start DJ'ing with a simple mixer playing some of my old songs and other classics i enjoyed listening to. In all honesty, it sounded god awful, but i enjoyed it. I slowly built my skills after many hours/days of working on new equipment and programs building my vast knowledge for production. Just after my 16th birthday, i started the project "tisoki", this gave me some ground to work on as an unknown artist. I regularly used to release demos onto soundcloud until i decided it was time to put something together. I then started working on my first E.P "Oxygen", which was released January 2nd 2012. This went down well and with a huge amount of feedback i was set on finishing my album. I have done quite a few gigs in the past and i'm still taking bookings for the year ahead but i will most probably take any oppourtunity because i simply love performing live.


Oxygen E.P - 2012
- Castaway ft. Ryder James & Tadi
- Oxygen ft. Ryder James
- Mario 64 ft. Fragile Chaos
- Vibeaholic

Cannibalism Album - 2012