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Let Me Breathe

Written By: Berkley


I just don't understand. I just don't understand why...these haters don't have a clue but yet they still want to judge me so this is what I have to say about that. Fuck the police, fuck you phonies, ya'll don't know me run it...


Everybody think they do know me ya'll don't have a clue who the fuck I be/ tell me why, why, why, all these haters wanna cause me grief/ keep to myself and stay low key can't stop now till i reach my peak/ to the t-o-p get out my face and let me breathe.


All ill will you have against me will leave you chalked lined face down in the street/ trick I'm too real for your lies and deceit defeat is no so my goals I'ma reach/ laws on my balls in my grill trying to preach, we're on your ass boy like a motherfucken leech/ that's why I'm pissed six days out the week cause the beef won't stop till'a glock says peace oh yeah don't think, ya shit don't stink cause I had to wash clothes in a bathroom sink/ come from a shack where the rooftop leaks and the rats drop crap on my twin bed sheet it's a dog eat dog I'd rob for mink, go to the pawn sell back to a chink/ sleek and discrete when it comes to the pink cause all these ho's wanna motherfucken cheat/ buy a bitch a drink, no not me I'll pee in a cup and say that it's tea/ damn B.Wiggins you're mean, I don't give a fuck I'm in love with my green.

Verse 2:

What the hell is beef? I'ma tell you what it is a semi automatic shoved up in your rib a nurse pricking you with a dirty syringe now you're paranoid as shit thinking, am I gonna live?/ give me 50 feet cause gun fire long the tones been set motherfucker now it's on/ I'm my own boss Lonestar representer hot like summer in the winter run up in ya gal then send her back to you to fetch me cash for a new pair of shoes/ you can ride red black or candy blue to help back your shit cause you finna get the boot/ instead of making brew, try cooking baking and drop a real solo and not a compilation better guard you grill cause I got a combination eat your lucky charms and quit fuckin' hatin'/ I rake in dough even though it's not millions my daughter got food, everybody chillin'/ I'm waking up the game cause it needs a uplifting, please tell why are these motherfuckers trippin'?

Verse 3:

Kill or be Killed feel what I'm sayin'? Still trying to heal from the May 1stI' slaying so I'm not trill cause I come from the "WAP" born in H-town but raised in the crops/ wanna see me dead nigga take your best shot/ I'm just like aids I can't be stopped got four good friends no n's and plot the pen don't pay and neither do rocks/ what can you say but sit back and watch and pray for a priest not to play with your crotch/ yo clicked get clowned like a jack in a box tryin' stick with a hound that's slick as a fox my block got killers who ain't scared to shoot, motherfuckers going hard for the drugs and loot/ what the hell makes you think that you niggas know me? half the time I don't know who the fuck I be/ don't wanna hear your plea's, neither your cries when I run up in your spot a kill everyone inside my mind's made up Ima ride/ you fuckers better duck cause slugs finna fly.