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The best kept secret in music


"Titan Go King's 2nd CD "Gut's Idol""

Titan Go King's is back! Pinky(G) found new bass player, and drummer and started playing again two years ago. NEW Titan Go King's have already made their super mini album "Go!Go! Idol" last year and "Gut's ?â„¢Idol "is the Idol serial vol.2 next to it.
New Titan Go King's have a new line which is developing a p-punk Idol line. It looks like Akihabara otaku market will be involved in their policy. Pinky is
a pretty ambitious .
It has been four years since their 1st full length album
"Ultrasonic Wave 01" was released. We have been waiting for their 2nd album recorded by Pinky (G) and new bass player and new young drummer !! It sounds
rather pop than punk compare to their 1st album. As they say they would like to be idol of Otaku culture in
Akihabara, it shouldn't be not too punk or hard core.
Utada or Hamazaki could sing the last song " Foever Idol" and it could be No.1 of J-pop chart. But we still see their punk sprit everywhere of this album and specially the 1st very catchy song "Practice in vocalization". This is the girl power. it's not only funny and cute.
- BENTEN Label

"Ultrasonic Wave 01 from BENTEN Label Tokyo"


Ultrasonic Wave 01
CD, Benten Records
If there is a more energetic punk band than the Titan Go-Kings, I certainly don't remember hearing them. Titan Go-Kings explode out of the gate with all the manic energy and insanity of groups like Melt Banana without sounding anything like them. Titan Go-Kings are much more structured and catchy in their approach (ever tried singing along with Melt Banana?), but the spirit is what remains the same. Titan Go-Kings crank out ultra-peppy punk that manages to be poppy without actually being pop, catchy while still maintaining a definite out-of-control sense of chaos. If cute cartoon characters spontaneously generated punk rock, it would sound like this thoroughly delirious, thoroughly enjoyable outfit of gals from Japan. Where as brooding, contrived rage seems to be the order of the day for most American punk and pseudo-punk bands, Titan Go-Kings remind us just how much fun punk rock can be when it isn't busy being self-indulgent. This is super-fast, super-crazy, super cute music that will have you pogo-ing like mad.

- Keith Allison / Teleport city NY


1st Album "Ultrasonic Wave 01"
BNTN-044 (2000.1.25) US$20

Super mini album "GO! GO! IDOL"

BNTN-042 (99.9.22) US$20

2nd Album GUT'S IDOL
2004.8.25 / BNTN-062


Feeling a bit camera shy


The best or most silliest happiest prettiest girl punk in Tokyo. Full of irony about "J-pop idol" and the system of a success of music industry of this country.