Titanium Sporkestra

Titanium Sporkestra

 Seattle, Washington, USA

In most bands, the drummer usually hangs out in the back, holding up a song without much fanfare, but these guys are all drums, all the time, and the results are decidedly favorable. 10 people hitting the skins like fiends and dancing around with military rhythmic precision with anarchic energy.


Rising from the ashes of legendary Seattle bands TchKunG! and the Infernal Noise Brigade, Titanium Sporkestra brings a Burning Man meets marching band style to all events. The idea for the band was conceived in 2006 but did not come to fruition until 2007, when it was announced that Honk Fest West, a radical marching band festival, was coming to Seattle. Rehersals began in the cold industrial yards of town and a renegade drumline rumbled to life. We draw our musical influence from all over the world. The majority of our material comes from Historically Black College marching bands here in the United States, however, we also play Japanese Taiko, Indian Bhangra, and African Jajoukan rhythms. All the members of this band come from unique musical backgrounds and we are one big family. We take care of our own and take this band seriously. Right now we are planning a summer 2009 European Tour and look forward to playing all over the world.

Titanium Sporkestra is available for your event. We can play clubs, theaters, corporate events, art openings, bar mitzvahs, weddings, street parties, festivals, parades, community events...

Past events we have played include:
Opening act for the Master Musicians of Jajouka - Seattle.
Honk Fest West - Seattle, WA
Dead Baby Bikes Annual Party - Seattle, WA
Burning Man 2008 - Black Rock City, NV
Halloween Street Mayhem - Seattle, WA
Obama Inauguration Street Party - Seattle, WA
Seacompression Party 2009 - Seattle, WA
Cafe Corsair House Band December 2009 - Seattle, WA
Tacoma First Night - Tacoma, WA
Hazard Factory - Seattle, WA
Green Scare Benefit for Political Prisoners - Seattle, WA
Other random street parties and houses all over the region


We have one recorded 6 song EP. If you would like to receive a copy let us know. We have received mention on 90.3 KEXP as well as KEXP.org

Set List

Our typical set lasts anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes and includes up to 13 songs currently. We can tailor our set to any event. In the past we have played multiple sets in one night.