When Titans writes songs we try to mix as many musical genres as possible, no crazy idea is too crazy. We like weird time signatures and jazz fusion type disonance but never enough so that it takes away from melody.


Picture yourself standing with drink in hand in a grimy urban basement, in a seedy downtown bar, in front of a stage where you’ve seen countless breathtaking musical performances, or in a VFW hall in the middle of nowhere. Overtop of the chatter of teenage voices and the sights and smells of a rock show you see a band take the stage. From the looks of them they could be any other modern rock band, but as the first chord is strummed you instantly realize this isn’t any other band. The guitars bob and weave, the bass slaps and walks, the drums beat and crescendo, and just when your head started nodding, your feet started tapping, and your fingers began snapping the vocals come in. The political and positive lyrical message is painted brilliantly by a pure and unapologetic vocalist. Just then the young guitarist Chris Tenerowicz takes a solo. His incredible guitar technique, that invokes visions of Pat Martino or Wes Montgomery, forces the listener to wonder how a 19 year old guitarist can play so far beyond his years. It won’t take very long for you to realize this band is trying to push the envelope.

Started initially in late 2004 as a side project called "The Fabulous Funky Freedom", Titans began to gain momentum after many lineup changes and tours. Their influences include but are not limited to Saves the Day, Wes Montgomery, Meatloaf, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Pat Martino, Yes, Between the Buried and Me, Umphrey's McGee, The Rx Bandits. Their sound can be described as an eclectic mix of jazz influenced progressive rock but have identified with the indie and emo rock scene of Upstate, NY. They have played countless shows throughout the Northeast, and believe me after just one listen you’ll find yourself humming along.


Hasta Las Once

Written By: Tony Bucci/Chris Tenerowicz/Giovanni Rodriguez

These times are changing.
Institutions need razing.
The world recreating,
We're all waiting.
Revolution progressing
It's on the tip of my tounge.
From the oldest man
To the youngest son
A call to honor
A call to guitars
You'll hear it loud
From each song that's sung.
This microphone is a badge of honor
This tapedeck is a loaded gun
Funky Freedom, baby.
Cuz here we come...

Boy's I'll take it. Stop the fighting.
Lord give me strength,
Let the freedom fall with me.

No me digas que hacer
La musica esta viva
Un cri es que tu stabe sodo, Subiendolo!
From the burrows to Beijing
You'll hear us loud and clear.

New York Again Hails The [Work]Horse

Written By: Tony Bucci/Chris Tenerowicz

The lines you're doing they continue to grow. Congested with unemployment, a white collar high is keeping them low. And the more you make is another spoon in your nose ripped right out of mouths that are hungry and cold.

And we are who we are who we are, We are who we are who we are, Now tell me who are you?
(You're a monster)
We know who you are who you are,
We know who you are who you are,
Now tell me what mountain you're trying to move.

The enlistment lines they continue to thrive, each young man with one boot in hell and fire in each eye. Nothing that a few months in bootcamp can't subside. They'll return in bodybags when they left in tribes.

No war will end all wars
It's time to look neither left nor right
But to look straight forward.

In The Wilds Of A City Parlor

Written By: Tony Bucci

I once sang and burned candles in
A place made sacred,
By only myself and the others
That had congregated within it
And it takes me back
To when I was just a kid
When I think men are never as Strong as the ideas that they get.

And boy does it take me back...

I've heard each epoch seperately
Told and retold
Explaining how each hebrew martyr
Was entitled his crown of gold.
Now kill a man who understands
Nothing of your god's "master plan"
And explain "Thou shalt not kill" to him as his blood coats the promised land.

Look me in the eye and tell me we are both not human. How about you lower your sword and let us unite. Not under one God but under humanity. Let us unite under the fact that we all have a fist and a voice to raise. A million voices as one together singing...



We've released two EPs under the alias The Fabulous Funky Freedom entitled Revolution which contains early versions of These Accusations Are Ironclad, Revelation/Revolution, Hasta Las Once, and The Fearless Captain Billy Tyne and new 2006 release entitled Get Outta Town which features New York Again Hails The [Work]Horse, Crazy Lights In Baltimore, Andrea Gail II, and a remixed Hasta Las Once. Accusations and Billy Tyne have no vocals on Revolution and all songs are sang by our old singer (Tony played drums). Get Outta Town features vocals by Tony and percussion by Ben. We have yet to release a record under the new name Titans

Set List

Our typical set list is:
The Fearless Captain Bill Tyne
Crazy Light In Baltimore
New York Again Hails The [Work]Horse
Andrea Gail II
Hasta Las Once

Our set ranges anywhere from 25 - 45 minutes depending on where we are playing. We rarely do covers but have covered Saves The Day's "Firefly", Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," and various Queen songs. We play primarily original songs.