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"Live from WOMAD (2006 - July 29)"

2006 - July 29 -
“One of those wizard finger-pickers who can master any instrument
that looks even vaguely liked a guitar, Thierry ‘Titi’ Robin has been
making records since 1992 that explore ways to connect gypsy,
flamenco, middle eastern and north Indian music. On his latest album,
Titi’s eighteen-year-old daughter Maria sings on two tracks, and I
made a special request that he feature both of them in his group’s set
of three songs.
Serene and beautiful in a bright red dress, Maria sang in a high,
yearning voice that was equally effective on the slow ‘Rovave, Rovave’
and the rousing ‘Amantito.’ Maria has no vocal role on the third song
‘Medi’, which dates from an earlier period in Titi’s career, but she
added handclaps until Titi gave her the nod to get up and dance in
swirling, dervish like pirouettes. When word gets out about Maria,
undoubtedly a star in the making, Titi will finally get the international
recognition that has been long overdue (*).
Incidentally, the group lives in a village near Angers in northeast
France, not far from where Lo’Jo live. Curious that two such interesting
groups should be based so close to each other.
(*) This prediction is in no way swayed by the delicious supper that
Titi presented to me before the show started, a tasty savoury pancake
he had prepared and cooked himself. “
Charlie Gillett - Charlie Gillett / Mondomix

"Titi Robin ****"

Titi Robin has a formidable reputation in France as a guitarist and oud player with a strong interest in gipsy music, but he's rarely performed in the UK. Last night he begun a series of Balkan and occasionaly French-style pieces with long term collaboration Francis Varis on piano and accordion as he exchanged oud for bouzouki for guitar.
Infectious Balkan rythms jostled with mellow nostalgia and some formidable fingerwork. In one gypsy-inspired piece, Varis on the accordion brilliantly mirrored the way Robin emotively and seductively bent the notes on his guitar - and quite how it's done I don't know. - Simon Broughton / Evening standard (GR)

"Titi Robin new album *****"

Titi Robin's remarkable journey over 25 years has encompassed flamenco, Indian, Arabic and African music intertwined with the gypsy tradtions of eastern and western Europe including his native France. His 1993 classic "Gitans" remains a vibrant masterwork of multitraditional fusion. A brilliant exponent of guitar and bouzouki, Robin has released close to a dozen recordings, all imbued with a spirit of longing and wandering. "Ces vagues que l'amour soulève" (waves stirred up by love) is a mix of his virtuoso playing, particularly oud and bouzouki, and a dozen instrumental and vocal collaborators, notably accordionist Francis Varis and purcussionist Ze Luis Nascimento. More sentimental than earlier recordings, and perhaps reflecting his adventure into atmospheric film soundtracks ("La Mentale"), here is an intimacy and reflection only glimped elsewhere."Ton doux Visage" is a gentle guitar meditation and "Rovave" is a tebnder and jaunty lullaby. As the height of his craft, Robin describes a magic voayge. - WeekEnd australian Review


« Anita » 2006 (Naïve)
« Ces vagues que l’amour soulève » 2005 (Naïve)
« Alezane» 2004 (Naïve)
« Rakhî » 2002 (Naïve)
« Un ciel de Cuivre », 2000 (Naïve)
« Kali Gadji » 1998 (Auvidis/Silex)
« Payo Michto » 1997 (live) (Auvidis/Silex)
« Le Regard Nu » 1996 (Auvidis/Silex)
« Gitans » 1993 (Auvidis/Silex)
« An Tri Breur » trio Erik Marchand 1990 (Auvidis/Silex)
« An Henchou Treuz » 1989
« Luth et Tablâ » 1986

Bandes originales de film :
BO film « Ole » 2005
BO film « La Mentale » 2002 (Naïve)



- About TITI ROBIN :
Thierry Robin, known as “Titi”, the self-taught musician born at the end of the fifties in western France, has created a musical world for himself instinctively assimilating elements in response to his need to express himself. The two worlds in which he has navigated daily and that have both directly and deeply influenced him are the gipsy and oriental cultures.

Before the World Music trend was born, these communities were open and encouraging to him while French mainstream music struggled with his approach. Arab and Gipsy community celebrations provided him with the opportunity to test his original musical sound against these rich traditions from which he took his inspiration while never imitating them, obstinately looking for the best way in which to express himself as a contemporary artist. The musicians accompanying him were almost all from these minority groups. The two artists of major importance to him were the flamenco cantaor Camaron de la Isla and the Iraqi master oud player Munir Bachir.

Thierry “Titi” Robin is a fringe artist. He is placed within a “World Music” movement that he does not acknowledge, as it seems to him to be motivated by a profound ethnocentricity, creating a barrier between Western “ethnic” music (rock, jazz…) and others! For him, the crossing of music is not a value in itself, but quite simply a reality, his reality. The main thing is to find the right path between the feeling giving rise to the creation and the artistic form used to express it, whether it take a purely traditional form or one that explodes all established codes. Forging his own path, he has taken heed of the encouragement given by eminent artists such as flamenco singers Fosforito and Chano Lobato, as well as the virtuoso oud player Munir Bachir, who have seen in this atypical approach sincerity and authenticity that go well beyond any differences.

A trained jazzman, Francis Varis made a name for himself with his group Cordes et Lames (Dominique Cravic on guitar), his participation in Paris Musette and his work with Jacques Bolognesi in Bolovaris. He has rubbed shoulders with jazzmen such as Tal Farlow and Lee konitz and regularly accompanies Brazilian singer Nazaré Péreira, Georges Moustaki and Maria Teresa. Francis Varis’ improvisation is poetic and his phrasing pure, making him an ideal guest for Titi Robin’s projects, the bond between them longstanding. He has been a member of the “Gitans” show, the creation with Gulabi Sapera and the “Titi Robin Trio” for many years. He can be heard, for example, in “le père et la mère” (Alezane) or in duo with Gabi Levasseur in “Fatsa” (Un ciel de cuivre).

A young Brazilian virtuoso percussionist from the state of Bahia, Ze Luis Nascimento has taken an interest in styles of oriental and Western percussion, mixing highly varied instruments in an extremely coherent musical discourse, favouring both solo improvisations and collective exchanges. He has worked with Titi regularly since 2002 while increasingly performing on both French and Brazilian stages where he is in great demand.