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Tito Deville

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band EDM Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fashion Rocks"

"The future has landed with the Tito Deville Band as it's ambassador, one of the most energetic live performers we have ever witnessed." - Fashion Rocks

"Virgin Radio"

"'Robot Radio' is a megawatt thumper that definitely commands everybody to the dancefloor, sure to be this years big dance anthem." - Virgin Radio

"Music Insider"

"TDB delivers some of the most heartpumping, sonically adventurous music.” - Music Insider


This is the second monthly installment of Marc Mysterio's new syndicated interview series where he talks with other stars in the genre. This month, Marc interviews MTV's The Youth Electric Star Tito Deville about the show which debuted last week.

Last week, MTV launched a new reality series featuring 3 musicians from Vancouver, striving hard to make it in the business. Tito Deville is your classic example of a young man utilizing every drop of musical creativity to make a buck while in search of the spotlight. Some 10 years ago, his group D-Cru together with Craig Smart, had a #1 hit in Canada called 'We Will Be Waiting' which led to extensive touring and recognition. Recently, I discovered that Tito had begun singing on house tracks as well when an Ibiza Dance Compilation with my new song 'Shout It Out' (ironically featuring the same Craig Smart) also contained a record 'Promised Land' which featured Tito at which point I reached back out to him and learned that we were still working with common folks and about this reality show, as well as the advancement of his 'Tito Deville Band'. MTV's Youth Electric is your classic reality show in the sense of a 'Real World', that is, cameras following around the cast throughout the course of the day, arguments, etc. Its fairly raw and uncut, with nudity, strong language, sexual overtones, etc. I have not edited the content of the interview, so please consider yourself warned.

MM: How did you first get involved in music?

TD: I was an intern at a record label handing our flyers, promo CD's, & auditioning new upcoming talent. I would also spend hours in old music stores checking out classic Vinyl; Prince, MJ, NWA, Beastie Boyz, even Rick James One day I just starting singing & rapping & everyone around me took notice and was like..."That was off the hook...what else ya got?" So from that day on I kept at it and never looked back.

MM: You recently began making house music as well, including having a track on the same Ibiza Compilation as my next single as well. What led you to house music?

TD: Most people would be surprised to my music collection. I went to school and studied music history & have been collaborating with many Dance/House Producers in Europe for years now. I always had a love for it and being from Canada were mostly exposed to mainstream stuff so I try to remind people they need to expand their horizons more and expose themselves to whats really hot outside of the North American Machine.

MM: Now, on to this new reality show, Youth Electric, who's idea was it to submit the demo for this open contest? Whom put this together? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

TD: Hahaha...actually it was a fellow cast member who hit me up about the idea. We immediately connected and brainstormed on how to make it work. I suggested bringing in other key musicians, as well as film producer Mark Hemstock to get us to stand out, and that we did. MTV Loved it and we beat everyone in the country. We shot & filmed the first episode and were really excited for what the future holds. This is a major opportunity because of the exposure & the chance for people to really get to know the people behind the music. Were real artists, with real problems & real drama. I think everyone's going to be happily surprised at the end result and how entertaining the show is. It gets really insane in some of the scenes were rocking out at, theres a bathroom scene where some dude's getting (oral sex) in the mens washroom and a cast member kicks open the door with the chic on her knees and they get blasted with a Super soaker water gun, it was priceless.

MM: Musically, what projects are forthcoming and whom specifically would you like to work with in the near future?

TD: Well were just finishing up an EP we were working on for TITO DEVILLE BAND called "Electro Rock" As for who'd I like...no LOVE to work with; WILL-I-AM, ANDRE 3000, and DAFT PUNK. However my philosophy is if your creative and TALENTED, I want to work with you too.

MM: What song or project would you say has been your most successful to date?

TD: Previously I was part of another group called D-CRU, we were signed to ELEKTRA RECORDS under WARNER in the U.S. and had the chance to travel & perform all over the world. It was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had never performed in front of more than 200 people, then suddenly we were thrown in front of a crowd of 50'000 at KISS Summer-jam New York. Talk about overwhelming. But it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. It was all major world class acts there such as NELLY, SHAGGY, BEYONCE, JESSICA SIMPSON, CHRISTINA AGUILERA & many more who had performed...and the funny thing was our song was #1 on the station at the time. From that day fourth I just never looked back. However as the story goes in the music business, ya just gotta keep on moving & progressing everyday.

MM: What would you say makes you unique or - USA Today





This band sounds like 4 people mashed into a room with completely different backgrounds creating something totally new. Rockers, Rappers, and pounding Dance Beats unite to create the TITO DEVILLE BAND

Amassing huge crowds wherever they go & delivering one of the most heart pumping, energetic live shows around that just screams - PARTY UP IN HERE!!

It's like finding 4 of the most talented guys locked in a room with the speakers blasting to the sounds of their influences like RUN DMC & DAFT PUNK.

2009 has been an amazing year for the band so far. The Tito Deville Band was nominated for a LEO AWARD & was an OFFICIAL SELECTION as a TOP 10 Fox Seeds Finalist - This is one of Canada's largest unsigned band competitions!

It would be easy to misjudge Vancouver’s Tito Deville Band. For someone going solely on their sound and their image, one may think the band is steeped in glamour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and drenched in spotlights while drinking champagne in the back of limousines between sold-out gigs. But strip away the glitz and sit down with the quartet in their humble East Vancouver rehearsal space, and one quickly begins to see that behind it all, they’re like any other hard-working musicians making a go at the art they’ve put their hearts and souls into for the last 18 months, if not most of their young lives.