Tito Deville

Tito Deville

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

a blend of big-bottom dance-club beats with electro inspired rock riffs surely sets them apart from any other act on the city’s and the world’s vast musical land. It straddles an odd fence between Electro, Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop.


This band sounds like 4 people mashed into a room with completely different backgrounds creating something totally new. Rockers, Rappers, and pounding Dance Beats unite to create the TITO DEVILLE BAND

Amassing huge crowds wherever they go & delivering one of the most heart pumping, energetic live shows around that just screams - PARTY UP IN HERE!!

It's like finding 4 of the most talented guys locked in a room with the speakers blasting to the sounds of their influences like RUN DMC & DAFT PUNK.

2009 has been an amazing year for the band so far. The Tito Deville Band was nominated for a LEO AWARD & was an OFFICIAL SELECTION as a TOP 10 Fox Seeds Finalist - This is one of Canada's largest unsigned band competitions!

It would be easy to misjudge Vancouver’s Tito Deville Band. For someone going solely on their sound and their image, one may think the band is steeped in glamour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and drenched in spotlights while drinking champagne in the back of limousines between sold-out gigs. But strip away the glitz and sit down with the quartet in their humble East Vancouver rehearsal space, and one quickly begins to see that behind it all, they’re like any other hard-working musicians making a go at the art they’ve put their hearts and souls into for the last 18 months, if not most of their young lives.



Set List

Our live set usually runs 45-Hour long depending on the show. Our repertoire or sound is a mixture of Urban Electro Rock.

We do perform original music, however will cover instrumental dance artists like Daft Punk and inject live Electric Guitar, Electric Drums, & new lyrics over top.