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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band EDM Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"TITO DEVILLE BAND...The Next Big Thing"

“While the Canadian music scene is not new to showcasing it’s hot upcoming talent; Artists, Musicians, & Performers alike, it’s more often than not saturated with followers & no innovators. People are craving for something new, and not just a new face….but a new sound, a new vibe, and someone with the creativity to give our imaginations an injection of FUTURE FRESHNESS…enter TITO DEVILLE BAND. After having seen them live last night during the Juno festivities here in Vancouver rock the stage with a show unlike any other; combining sounds of ELECTRO/ROCK/HIP HOP…they deliver something completely unique and diverse as the band members itself. From the rumbling beat of the electric drums beating during a break or the epic electro styled guitar solo’s that scream futuristic, tied in with a very energetic vocalist who sets the stage for the audience… ”GALACTICA!!”…he shouts, one can’t help but be drawn into their sound. Only time will tell, but for the moment if their passion translates into fans…they’re here for more than 15 minutes of fame. “ - MUSIC INSIDER MAG


[It's all about the Tito Deville Band!]

The Tito Deville Band categorize their music as Electro Rock/Urban; however, after a live show at last night's SMASH event ROCK REVOLUTION, We at WAKE UP! Believe they are in a category all of their own.

Tito's energy is definitely Electric! His style and confidence on stage shone through in their amazing performance Thursday evening. His quick lyrical ability impacted the crowd and you could tell they were definitely "Ready set for more"

Will; the guitarist, was a smash hit as well jumping around and rocking out to a full house. His unique style and great technical skill rang through the crowd and you couldn't help but think "These guys are good!"

Kenya was spinnin the 1's &2's. Spinning The Electro Beats & basslines behind the guitar and the high energy vocals was incredible. It made their sound fresh and interesting and you wanted to be involved with their music. Kenya was a definite pro with his ability to weave crazy beats and unique sounds in and out of the song.

Adam was the man on the Electric Drums! With a hot red drum kit Adam rocked it out. As musicians know; the drums are the heart of a good song, keeping the whole thing together with a steady and slammin rhythm; and Adam did not disappoint!

After Sitting down with these guys I can tell you that they are genuinely great people. They are a show you should most definitely go and SEE! I don't know how the guys aren't signed to a major label yet...but it’s only a matter of time before these guys explode.


"Tonight" - Album(ELECTRO ROCK)
"Uh Oh" - Album(ELECTRO ROCK)



Influences; RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk

DEVILLE is the Bastard love child of Tito Jackson and Mink Deville. Born in a super-sonic recording stable in a Hot Town where they were immediately swaddled in Michael Jackson’s red leather “Thriller” jacket. Traveling from afar, three wise men – Andre 3000, Kid Rock and Rick James – visited the infants bearing gifts of moves, grooves and a wicked Jheri curl. Raised by wolves in a burnt out Panzer Tank in the ruins of Dresden, DEVILLE changed their name to Dieter and earned small change by re-enacting the fairground scenes from Carol Reed’s “Third Man”. Discovering music as a saving grace after a near fatal accident back in 2000, they began entertaining crowds whilst saving their rupees and surviving on a diet of Rebellion. Yet an intergalactic storm blew winds of change, & the artist formerly known as Tito bought a truck-load of used iPods from a Russian soldier in Gdansk and loaded them with early versions of “Tonight” and “Hot Town”. Fired from the Panzer’s gun under the cover of darkness, the iPods shattered into thousands of white nano butterflies which fluttered down onto the pillows of sleeping DJs, Radio Shows, Celebrities, Fans, Magazine Editors and other people with ears, infecting them with the spirit of Electro Rock. Denying everything that went before, Deville’s unique flair was last seen travelling the worldwide stage while living in the NOW ‘cos it’s all about Tonight! :-P