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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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""Character Flaw" - Album Review"

(from The Flavor Online)

titofelix - Character Flaw
Independent Release

It seems that most Filipino American rock bands either fall into two major categories: They either try to be a hardcore, angst-ridden wall of noise, or are gloomy, amateurish, three-chord-strumming shoegazers who revere 1980s-era alternative rock.

However, I can't seem to fit Titofelix in either of those categories. The Florida-based band's second album, Character Flaw displays an air of personality as well as a refreshingly decent level of songwriting ability that's often lacking in Fil-Am bands.

Led by charismatic vocalist Marc Cordon, who some consider to be the Pinoy Mark McGrath, the band flavors itself with catchy melodies and a refusal to take themselves too seriously.

Take for instance their cover of Usher's "Nice and Slow," done as a straight-up rock number arranged so well to their own style it didn't seem like a cover tune.

But by far one of the standout tracks here is "Import Racing Girl," which I propose should be the national anthem of the Asian American male (Incidentally, this is a re-recorded version of the song, which originally appears on their debut CD, Faux Pas).

If Character Flaw contains any flaws it should be Jay Opalia's sticky drum grooves - for a music reviewer who's done his share of playing drums in many a college band, it becomes a distraction. Use a click track next time, guys.

But for those who hunger for a good, solid rock album with catchy riffs and lyrics, Titofelix will feed your need. - Noel S. Cabayo

"Radio Wazee Indie Spotlight"

DECEMBER 2003 - titofelix

Hot-lanta based titofelix jumps into the spotlight with their 2nd Wazee hit! Ozzy meets Incubus with "Uncomfortable"...download it in the WMD!
- Radio Wazee Staff

"All Good Things... - Album Review"

(from AARising.com)

Rating: *****
March 4, 2007

High energy rock with a very high pop appeal. titofelix has done it again by following up their previous album, "Character Flaw," with their latest release, "All Good Things..." Best part to this new album, other than the well produced foray of songs on the new album? It's free! The band has given people a downloadable version of the album for free. It's never any better time to discover this band.

From the start, titofelix just takes off with upbeat songs that has its characteristic guitar focus, but now the vocals have really matured and the rhythms are more pronounced. Just when you think that it's going to be more of the same, they change it up by tossing in "What Went Wrong", which shows restraint from the speed guitar riffs and keeps a slower tempo with smooth vocals that are doubled very nicely to give a rich sound. Definitely the highlights of the album are the slightly subdued songs (by titofelix standards) - "What Went Wrong" and "These Anniversaries." You really can't go wrong with any of these songs though. Label execs out there, sign this band now!!!

One note, "On Your Shoulders" has a couple of parts where some guitar feedback seems to come in unexpectedly and could make you freak out. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it was interesting because the feedback sounded like it was coming from my right shoulder. :)

Favorite Tracks: "A Way to Everything," "What Went Wrong," and "These Anniversaries" - Nelson Wong

"Titofelix releases new album; gives it away for FREE!"

(from Filipino Express - November 13-19, 2006)

NEW YORK – Atlanta, Georgia’s premiere Filipino-American band, Titofelix is giving away their newly-released album, "All Good Things..." for free.

It may be an unconventional way to market an album, and a band, but Titofelix believes that their move to have their new record available for free download is a valuable statement to the Fil-Am music community. Their philosophy is that nobody wants to shell out $10.00 for a band that people haven’t heard of yet, so it’s best to share their music free of charge and get to know the music and the band in the process.

"All Good Things..." is the 3rd record of these Fil-Am alternative group. Their debut album, "Faux Pas," and their sophomore effort, "Character Flaw," cemented their stature as one of the best Fil-Am bands in the US.

Recently, the band’s song, "Salutations," made it into the East Coast compilation album, "Rock in the Box," and has become one of the most popular tracks in the album.

Titofelix is composed of four talented musicians: Marc Cordon on rhythm guitar and vocals, PJ Sobremonte on bass/vocals, Robeen Dey on lead guitar/vocals, and Jay Opalia on drums.

Fil-Am music fans can download the album at the band’s website www.titofelix.com - Sheryl Garcia


April 30, 2004

RATING: Four out of Five "Rice Cookers"

Call it punk pop, emo, whatever; Tito (as in ‘uncle’ in Tagalog, not Tito as in Jackson) Felix simply don’t pull any punches: they just do it. The Atlanta-based quartet doesn’t try to be what they’re not on Character Flaw (their second), they just rock it over eleven straight-up anthems that don’t fuck around with anything too pretentious (though the occasional scratching doesn’t really add to the sound). Stuck-up artsy-farts won’t get it, but the kids will dig the infectious hooks and Marc Cordon’s “oh-shit-they’re-singing-about-me” lyrics. Their ode to Asian hoochie, “Import Racing Girl”, is an especially hilarious look at the tuner scene through the eyes of a Taurus-driving outsider, with a happy ending to boot. The human-beatbox hidden track should’ve stayed hidden altogether, but we won’t knock ‘em for that--it kinda fits the whole fun vibe of Flaw anyway. Pretty slick for a self-released album, from the sound right down to the packaging. Check it out. More info: titofelix.com - Mickey Mao


May 9, 2004

Rating: ****

Formed in Atlanta, GA, titofelix's latest release "Character Flaw" is almost flawless. This band rocks hard with clever lyrics and catchy melodies. Crisp production and excellent vocal work from Marc Cordon. titofelix is truly head-bangin' and just plain fun. Keep your lazy eye out for titofelix!

Favorite Picks: "Import Racing Girl," "Nice and Slow," "Skin," and "Character Flaw
- LeRoid David

"YOLK Magazine"

DRAGON'S ROAR - Live Performance Review
(Live at 56, Hollywood, CA; September 1, 2002)

It's a good thing when you have an APA [Asian Pacific American] Festival featuring different types of music. It's even better when the festival starts on time. Even though the music festival started an hour late (not bad for Asian Time), it wasn't too difficult for the first band to bring the restless crowd to life. Florida natives Tito Felix rocked with their cult hit "Import Racer Girl" and their cover of Madonna's "Like a Prayer." Also performing at the festival were Singaporean folk singer Corrine May, Cambodian rapper Prach Ly, and rock bands CreAsian and Bad Candie. - Renan Balanga

"Asia Pacific Arts Online Magazine"

November 21, 2003

...Brimming with dense guitar riffs and subtle harmonies, the production value of this album is remarkable and a pleasant surprise given the group's geography. Titofelix have even managed to conjure some of the charisma that many native-California bands bank on as commodity. The wah-pedal funk on "Salutations" bears resemblance to a pre-rehab Chili Peppers, while the zippy four-chord strum on the title track, "Character Flaw" can be likened to any one of OC's finest pop-punk outfits...

...This is not to say that Titofelix are just another pack of wannabes who are long on talent and short on originality. While it is true that just about anyone can follow the checklist and put out a pop song, the emotion and content that they bring separate them from the fold. "Mixed Messages," a lament on the uncertainty of an acquaintance, goes neatly with a clear view of the sunset at the beach. To help one push through a personal loss, "Fall Away" is a good soundtrack for catharsis...

...Remaining fresh and upbeat while evading cloying tackiness, Titofelix make for an enjoyable second outing. Their command of emotion coupled with being highly proficient rockers has the potential for broad appeal. Now if only they would make their way again to this corner of the continent.
- Herden A. Daza

""Character Flaw" - Album Review"

(from YBFree.com)

Titofelix is a four-piece Asian-American alternative rock band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in August 2000, their sound blends alternative rock with Emo, power pop, and punk. Titofelix was a finalist in the 2002 University of North Florida Battle of the Bands and was the December 2003 Indie Spotlight Artist on Radio Wazee. In fact, 2003 seems to have been the band's year to shine. Titofelix's music video for the song Man of Steel (from their debut album Faux Pas) was showcased at the 2003 San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival, the 2003 SLAP Festival in Salt Lake City, and the 2003 NAAAP Film Festival in North Carolina.

In 2004, while embroiled in a fierce season-long battle of the bands on Stir TV's Pepsi Music Challenge, Titofelix found time to produce a new album called Character Flaw and, as luck would have it, this CD found its way into my player.

From the very start, you could tell the musical influences of Titofelix. They sound like many of the latest bands firing up the airwaves like Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, and Good Charlotte. Marc Cordon's vocals are perfect for the Indie Rock Genre. The music, supplied by Marc Cordon (guitars), Seiha Kim (guitars), Jay Opalia (drums) and P.J. Sobremente (bass), is vibrant enough to keep your head bobbing and your body moving.

The lyrics, also supplied by Marc Cordon, are well written and enjoyable. Anyone can relate to at least one of the songs on Character Flaw which touch upon loves found, loves lost, relationships, acceptance, and more. My favorites in the lyrics department were the title song Character Flaw and Uncomfortable.

Excerpt from Character Flaw: "Now my life is like, my life is like these crooked blinds / A tad bit skewed, and a touch off center / And my hair's not perfect, and my teeth are off white / And my clothes aren't vogued out, I only buy on sale / And if my sense of humor's out of whack / Well that's okay, so's my brain / A tad bit skewed, a touch off center / But my heart's where it should be."

Another favorite on the album is Been Around the World. It just has that pop that draws you in and makes you want to bounce around the room. I can definitely see this song getting play on a mainstream radio station.

After visiting Titofelix's website and reading an interview of the band by Stir TV, I have to say I love these guys! They are crazy and fun loving and that all comes out in their music. I definitely recommend checking out Character Flaw by Titofelix. This one is a keeper! - Talon Karrde


Faux Pas (2001)
Character Flaw (2004)
All Good Things... (2006)
The Boy Angel (Currently in pre-production)

Who Wants a Palo? (2001)
Skool's 4 Fools (2002)
On the House (2003)

Man of Steel (Limited Edition) (2001)

"LUMPIA" Original Movie Soundtrack (2004)
Southeast Heavy Hitters (2004)
Rock In The Box, Vol. 1 (2006)
SIR Magazine Pop/Rock Compilation (2008)



Independence and creativity are staples of the Atlanta music scene, and alternative rock band titofelix has thrived on it for the past decade. Having released a series of EPs and three full-length albums during that time, Marc Cordon, PJ Sobremonte, Rob Dey and Jay Ryan Opalia continue to build upon the energetic guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and tight melodies that have defined their music to this point. They boast a continually growing fanbase and have been recognized by the industry with musical placements in several indie films and DVDs, a featured appearance on the cover of SIR Magazine, and placing as a Regional Finalist at the recent Bodog Music Battle of the Bands held in Atlanta.

Currently, titofelix is writing new music and in pre-production for their upcoming album.

Visit http://www.titofelix.com or http://www.myspace.com/titofelixmusic for the latest on the band.

Among the band's highlights:
- Regional Finalists for the 2007 Bodog Music Battle of the Bands
- Music placement on various compilations and soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the independent film, "Lumpia", and the "Rock In the Box, Volume 1" compilation from Soulworks Records
- Music Placement and spotlight on the Waltertainment-produced DVD "THRUST Video Candy" and Feature Film "Thrust: The Movie"
- Music placement in the online video game "AudioSurf"
- Selected to appear on the Summer 2007 cover of SIR Magazine
- Opening for Beau Sia and Ishle Yi Park, formerly of "Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry"
- Opening for renowned comedians Rex Navarrete and Bernadette Balagtas
- 2nd round of the 2006 International Songwriting Competition (ISC)
- Placing 7th out of 1,000 Southeast bands in the 2004 DiscMakers Independent World Series (IMWS)
- 2004 Silver Addy Award for the soundtrack to the award-winning promotional e-Card "The Race"
- Live performances around the country, including Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City
- Commercial and Internet Radio Airplay