Tito Ortega

Tito Ortega

 Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Sounds like the waves of the ocean making sweet, sweet love to the white sands of the beach.


Tito Ortega is a new comer to the music scene. Captivating people with his innovative guitar playing and masterful wordplay Ortega has made a large impact wherever he has appeared. With a background in literature Ortega weaves an elegant tapestry of lyrics often reflecting an insight into the human psyche. Emotional, fun-loving, and thought provoking are someways that Tito is described by his peers.

Ortega combines a style of guitar all his own with a latin flair. With grooves that move the soul Ortega has found an intriguing design all his own. Ortega says this about his music, "I want to be known as a singer/songwriter...but I want people to have fun." Ortega brings a groove into his music that is without question unique. Laying down blues, soul, pop, rock, and latin influences all in one tune.

"Tito Ortega is one of the best, if not the best, songwriter I have met. He makes you think. But while you think you get to have a good time."

- Eric Tipton (erictipton and the SOUL)


2007 - Something Beautiful - EP Release
All tracks streaming on myspace.com/soundsliketito

Set List

A typical set can last up to three hours. The full set will usually contain 50% covers and 50% original music. Covers are novelty, as they are not your usual "bar sing along songs." Examples would include: "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, "The General" by Dispatch, and "Brandy" by Looking Glass. The range is wide, but it is not something heard often.