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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Electronic Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



The sounds of the 90s often rouse up moments of nostalgia for music lovers who adored the distinct nuances that defined one of the most instrumental eras of all time. Capturing all of those moments into another inspirational collective, Titus G. Productions has released ‘A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED in the 90s)‘. The release is one that will provide mood music while exploring intricate instrumentals and eclectic electronic layers.

A Clockwork Red is a virtual timepiece that utilizes creativity in a technologically advanced space to express various angles of influence. Titus G. Productions, a multi-dimensional force in music never ceases to reach beyond unwritten boundaries to deliver innovative creations for global consumption. The record revisits the timeless and treasured sounds of an era where individuality reigned and conformity was non-existent. Delving into what makes this track more than just an easy listen, will reveal a series of complexities that can be appreciated by those with a true affinity for music.

Titus’ production creates a multi-faceted journey through upbeat instrumentals and atmospheric waves, changing tempos, and varied pitches. Contrasting moods and differing emotions are evident through the execution of the number which, provides fascinating ambiance and quirky sequences. Hollowed out chords hunt the mix while distinct tonal changes alter the listening environment. Ambient waves abound as cinematic soundscapes illustrate a picturesque instrumental musing.

Half way through A Clockwork Red, time advances into a darker experience, accented by dubstep-infused elements and dramatic melodies. A robust composition that encompasses early reflections and modern prowess, the track proves to be a cutting-edge balance between massive appeal and distinctively individual.

Listen to Titus G. A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED] in the 90s) - Glitter and Stilettos Lifestyle Fashion Music

"Review of Instrumental EP "Awake" -Composed by Titus G. Productions"

Here we have a 5-song instrumental EP sent our way this Friday from Titus G. Productions. Describing his sound as EDM, alternative, hip-hop and Club-step. I pressed play with no expectations, but I was definitely curious. I have to admit that I have an instinctual aversion to productions containing artificial instrument sounds unless they’re blatantly electronic, but the first track from the Awake EP entitled Sun Stone (Prelude to the Summer Solstice)- showed me that the presence of said sound does not instantly mean a terrible experience. The first track contained an ambiance that I wasn’t mad at, at all. The drums in Sweet Escape also gave me a good groove, although I felt that the accompanying sound in the beginning and right after the midsection was a bit too loud, which threw me off. Love those drums though. You may like to hear how someone could rap to these tracks, which can be found exclusively on the second track entitled Off the Deep End, Melonie Fiona is a bit jarring and Asleep made me feel as if I was asleep on a hammock in a desert at night– Which is a good thing. Be sure to check this project out for yourself by pressing play below, and also catch up to his whole story at the official website .:: - 80Media

"Wine Nights."

The new EP from Titus G. Productions, Wine Nights, is definitely something to bask in. This release is six straight tracks of relaxation, putting you in a trance that is indeed perfect for a night at home with your own bottle of wine or two.

This EP flows together as if it’s all one, long song, which is to me what signifies a coherent, well-thought out production. Though these tracks are perfect for a study session or a nice dip in a hot tub, they have a versatility that could transform to an essential part in any party mix.

It all starts with “Sweet Red”—a song full of light and airy beats that are what I assume it would sound like to live inside of a tree trunk if I were one of the characters in Alice in Wonderland. This starts off the EP in it’s quest to deliver songs that are both in a family of familiar music, while sounding like something new I have not heard before. At the end of the song comes its seamless transition to “Complacent,” which is anything but it’s title. Complacency has no use in this song, with production that quickly, but smoothly moves from fast to slower tempos, it is a roller coaster that is somehow invigorating and calming.

Following that we get “Limelight,” a slight change in pace that I sort of wish was a soundtrack for a really cool arcade in a hole-in-the-wall bar in New Jersey, or something. This track brings a more synth-y vibe to the EP and works well to balance the slower style of its preceding songs. “Limelight” marks a change in the set to a faster pace, which is continued by “Sly Fox.” This song has you feeling great while you are on your second glass of wine, really getting into the depth of the EP. I can imagine falling asleep to this song and having a dream that I was walking on the moon or up in the sky laying in a bed of clouds.

The two bonus tracks are just as essential as the other four before them. Both of them give off vibes of church bells with a twist, calling you to a spirituality you didn’t know you had. This leaves the EP in a slightly confusing way, but makes the listener all the more anxious to hear more from Titus G. Productions in the future.

Each song on Wine Nights makes you want to get up and dance, but not before you finish that glass—or bottle—of wine in your hand. - Music Existence

"Titus G. Productions - Wine Nights."

When you ask him about the goal behind this release, Titus G. is quite upfront: the “Wine Nights” EP is all about making creative music popular again, combining an experimental and refreshing approach to production with an appealing and transcendental sound. The “Wine Nights” EP features 6 tracks (4 songs and 2 bonus tracks) of electronic music that blur the lines between genres: I can definitely perceive some minimal, as well as some old school techno and chill wave influences; much like artists the likes of Lotus Flower or Chris Clark, just to name a few.

The tracks feel organic and personal, thanks to the feel and vibes of cool vintage analog synths and drum machine beats with nice retro textures. I love the way Titus is able to blend these old school sounds with a modern and personal production aesthetic, achieving a really peculiar result.

“Wine Nights” feels like a very thick and dense concepts, where everything blends in together seamlessly.

- Sweet Red

Opening track “Sweet Red” is a great choice as a first song for this EP. The synth pad layers offer a soothing introduction to the sound, while the percussive elements settle in, creating cool patterns that drive the sound forward. The sort of electronic “tom” samples interact really well with the steady high hats as well as with the subby kick sound. The track is very simple, in the best possible ways, leaving the pad sounds as the main melodic element, except for some strategically placed leads that increases dynamics and expression.

- Complacent.

This is track number two, and I can definitely see a thread line. The same basic sounds, but everything is getting more intense and more deep. The kick drum here is the main element and it tastefully placed under the spotlight of the arrangement from the very start, inter-playing with a cool clap sample and other percussion. I love the slightly modulated synths that manage to create sparse, yet present and memorable melodies, as well as a natural sense of space and room.

- Limelight.

The third song in the setlist kicks off with quite a different vibe from the previous two pieces, offering a refreshingly diverse feel. The tempo and the beats are tighter and busier: even the melodies seem to be taking more ground with a lavish lead synth teaming up with a groovy bass line.

- Sly fox.

If the first two songs were more mellow and the third one felt a little more upbeat, Sly Fox has got to be right in the middle. The beat is chill, groovy and smooth, and the melodies do not take up a lot of space, but they still manage to cut through and evolve into a climax, with some really cool lead tone overdubs. I am particularly fond of the long decay of the kick.

Reality & Faustus PT. II (Revisited)

This is the first of the bonus tracks within the records, and it is probably one of the most enticing experimental pieces on the whole ep. If it wasn’t for the electronic textures, I could almost imagine this as a very old school folk melodies, with an almost “taranta” beat echoing southern European grooves. I love the melodic arpeggios and the really cool synth strings that add weight and pathos to the music.

AsteroidsXV. (Feat Ruthle)

This bonus track is the sixth and final track of the EP, and it is also the only track with vocals. The music showcases the same familiar textures that we were able to experience throughout the EP, but with an extra kicks. The vocal performances are melodic, but not in a “classic” way: I am thinking about the hypnotic groove of artists the like of Bjork, The Knife or Tori Amos, just to name a few.

A really compelling ending to a groundbreaking EP, and a great listen to prepare for his upcoming album, A Space Odyssey! - The Bandcamp Diaries