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Album: Self-titled Titus
Singles: Leanin, Answers, The Movement, Here We Go and Clouded Skies
Currently The Movement and Here We Go are played on regular radio while Clouded Skies has just made it onto Christian radio


Feeling a bit camera shy


Titus is not your average hip hop artist. Most hip hop artists aren’t concerned with inspiring their listeners or painting a picture of hope for the future, but this seems to be where Titus shines and connects with his audience. Imagine an artist with the passion of a Tupac combined with catchy hooks and a lyrical content that comes from his own personal experience. That would be crazy, right?! Well, that sums up Titus. He draws his own comparison to Tupac when he recites a favorite line from Tupac’s song, Unconditional Love. The lyric goes, “My mission is to be more than just a rap musician, the elevation of today’s generation if I can make em listen”. “I heard that line in Unconditional Love and was like, that’s exactly what I’m tryin to do”, says Titus. “I wanna give these kids out there that are listening to hip hop, more than just empty lyrics; I wanna be able to impact their lives in a positive way”. Titus has proved his words are more than just empty boasting by performing at youth correctional facilities and schools. Titus also has clever word play in his lyrics and a knack for creating commercially successful songs. This is very much evident in his lead single, the Movement. With this deadly combination, you find a deep, spiritually rooted hip hop artist that can inspire you and make you think as well as make you get up and dance.

Titus is definitely the real deal. He has been affected by the street scene and has been a witness to its violence and corruption, but has found a way to rise above it all without succumbing to the popular fate of death or jail time. In songs such as Leanin and Low Ridahs, he gets into autobiographical tales of how he was close to the street scene but made conscious choices to take a different path. Coupling his experiences with clever song writing and catchy hooks, it’s clear that Titus has the appropriate chemistry to succeed. His powerful messages in his songs are a breath of fresh air amidst an industry where the common drug, sex and violence themes are the norm. Sumthin 2 Vibe 2 is a song that talks about following your dreams and persevering. This powerful message over top old school drums and a talented vocalist; show a perfect balance between message and rhythm. “You already have enough rappers out there doing the whole gangsta thing,” says Titus. “And to be honest, I’m not a gangster anyway, so I’m not gonna be lying in my songs like I’m something or somebody that I’m not. I just wanna give listeners that ‘feel good’ musical experience and messages that can empower and build us up. I think we’re in a time where we need that.” Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, to name a couple, Titus’ songs succeed in capturing current social conditions while keeping the listener moving to driving beats and hard rhythms. One only has to listen to Young Gangsta to find evidence of this.

The many sides of Titus’ personality are captured in his releases to date. The first single he released, the gospel fueled “Leanin”, which focuses on how leaning on God can get you through the hard times, shows his spiritual side and is a song that has been able to impact listeners on a personal level. The follow up single “Answers”, a dance hall driven groove, only added to the momentum that was created and has become a fan favorite at live shows. In September 2004, his next single “The Movement”, which focuses on his personal mission of promoting positive hip hop within the industry, was the lead single in anticipation of his upcoming self titled album. His debut self titled album was released on August 16, 2005. The album delivers twelve unique tracks that take the listener on an unforgettable journey. “I have so many different musical influences and enjoy a wide variety of genres, so I tried to show that in my album,” says Titus. “Each song has an individual sound and a different flow; I’d personally get bored if I sounded the same on every track. I like to keep the listener interested and a little off balance.”

In October of 2005 Titus wrote and recorded the theme song for Canada’s National Waste Reduction Week campaign, which is a song that focuses on cleaning up the environment. To go along with this song he also appeared in the nationally aired commercial to promote Waste Reduction Week.

With incredible drive, talent and ambition, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Titus. One thing is for sure though, that as he continues to motivate and inspire his audiences, they, along with him, will continue to grow and be encouraged along the way.