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"CoolDown Promotion Video"

Check out a short music video of our smash hit CoolDown found on the Titus Rodes-Reasons To Conquer the World Album - Alex M Salinas

"CoolDown Promotion Video"

Check out a short music video of our smash hit CoolDown found on the Titus Rodes-Reasons To Conquer the World Album - Alex M Salinas

"Radio Interview on WIMS 1420 Radio Michigan City"

Paula Griffin from WIMS interviews TItus Rodes about the new album Reasons To Conquer the World. - WIMS 1420AM

"The Titus Rodes Band"

The members of The Titus Rodes Band have been in the music industry for a combined 50+ years, but have been working as a well oiled machine for the past five. Front man of the 7-piece band, Fernando Rodriguez says the group is gaining in popularity because they play Top 40 Hits with Latin flair. "We do a lot of contemporary music and a lot of top Latin hits," Rodriguez said. "We play the stuff we like but put our own spin on it."

While the group performs a wide variety of covers, they play original music as well. Their style can best be defined as energetic, fresh and new, and Rodriguez says it will keep people dancing. They released their first album in February and this anticipated album was a long time in the making. "It took about 10 years to do it, I'm a perfectionist," explains Rodriguez, on the length of time the album took to wrap up. "I just wanted to carefully put the finishing touches on it. I'm really excited about this album."

The self titled album, "Titus Rodes: Reasons to Conquer the World," has 10 songs on it, and is moving rather well on the digital market according to Rodriguez. The songs were written by Rodriguez and his sister Georgina Rodriguez, also a member of the group, and are about relationships, life experiences, and the general struggles of life. "One of my favorites on the album is called Finally Free – the kicker of the album," explains Rodriguez. "The song is about finally being able to be who I am meant to be now that we have a finished album. This album has opened the door for me to come out as an artist – for people to finally recognize who I am, as well as the other members of the group."

Who are those other members of the group? Well, there's George Buck, Drummer; Kiki Ventura, Electronic Percussionist and Live Percussionist; Geoff Watkins and Jenny Ostrowski, Keyboardists; and Sam Evans, Bassist. "We've been working together for a while," said Rodriguez. "The core members have been together close to 5 years. Many have come and gone, but the band we have now – this is the band that we feel is going to be our strongest."

The Titus Rodes Band is taking their act to La Porte County for their annual fair and Rodriguez says it's thanks to a local radio personality who is also a fan. "It's an exciting gig because radio personality, Paula Griffin from WIMS 1420 took a big liking to us and she called us on the air and asked us to do a performance at the fair," he says. "It was very nice for us to get that opportunity and I don't think we would have been able to do that gig without our album."

Closer to the region, the Titus Rodes Band will be playing a gig at Sabor in Highland on July 14th and that's a gig they are really looking forward to. "We're going to be able to represent ourselves to the public," Rodriguez says. "We get to show them how hard we've been practicing. We are one of the most anticipate bands in this area!"

This up and coming group has an original, energetic style that can be felt when you hear them perform, and they want people to know they are an original 7-piece band here looking for serious business "Obviously, there are original bands out there – so many - but what we have to offer is something people can relate to, something everyone can enjoy," Rodriguez says. "What you'll get at one of our shows is a lot of energy, a lot dancing, and a lot of smiling."

The Titus Rodes album is available on itunes. To learn more about them, check them out at www.titusrodes.com. Don't forget to like them on Facebook and Twitter. For booking information contact TRB manager Mike Cancel at dmd2720@aol.com. - NWI Entertainer

"Region band delivers album starring original tunes"

Fernando Rodriguez is traveling a dual musical path these days.

Rodriguez, a member of doo-wop vocal group Harbor Lights, is also co-founder and lead singer of the band Titus Rodes.

He and the band recently debuted their first album, "Reasons to Conquer the World," in February and plan an album release party in the region soon.

"It has taken me a decade to get to this point," said Rodriguez, adding that the Titus Rodes album project, which features original songs, is a dream come true.

"I started the project when I was 18 and just out of high school," he said. Ideas for the songs on the album and the journey of making the album itself, he said, have gone through various stages. The band has also been evolving through the last decade and has had various members.

He said his work with Harbor Lights is also a rewarding part of his life and he enjoys the music of the doo-wop era.

"I love music and love anything that has to do with music," Rodriguez said. "I embrace it."

The repertoire on the album is much different from the singer's work with Harbor Lights. The tunes on "Reasons to Conquer the World" have more of an electronic/contemporary dance sound. Rodriguez penned all of the tunes on the album except for the song "True to Your Heart," which was written by his sister and fellow band member Georgina.

Rodriguez, a student of anthropology at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, said producing and performing music is where his heart is.

"I believe that's where God wants me to be," he said.

The band's name Titus Rodes is actually Rodriguez "artist name." He said the name Titus is taken from the Bible, and Rodes is a playful take-off on his surname.

The original idea for the band was a collaboration a few years back between him and members George Buck and Kiki Ventura. In addition to Buck and Ventura, other members are Georgina Rodriguez, Jenny Ostrowski, Geoff Watkins and Sam Evans.

For more information on Titus Rodes, visit www.titusrodes.com. To see Fernando Rodriguez perform with Harbor Lights, catch the group's concert May 19 at Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. During that show, Harbor Lights will be celebrating the release of its new album "No Strings Attached." - NWI Times


Titus Rodes- Reasons To Conqer The World
(c) Ruben Fernando Rodriguez

1) Finally Free
2) Boomerang
3) Conquer The World
4) CoolDown
5) Her Name Is Love
6) Come Over
7) Be With Me
8) True To Your Heart
9) Somebody To Love
10) BoomBox Killa


New Single 'Malo' (JAN 2013)



Hammond's TitusRodes Band is the result of alchemy: acclaimed, veteran musicians merging with, and inspired by, talented young perfectionists. The effect is tight, high energy, melodic pop that has been keeping listeners on their feet during live shows, and has caused a buzz with the release of their latest CD, Reasons to Conquer the World.

A well-oiled pop machine, this group is a cornucopia of races, genres, generations and inspiration. Fernando Rodriguez, the band's leader, singer/songwriter and co-founder, also does time in doo-wop vocal group Harbor Lights. His sister Georgie, appearing on new single "Don't Mess With My Heart," lends her writing ability and silky vocals to the mix. Veteran percussionists and co-founders George Buck and Kiki Ventura have years of successful musicianship between them, most recently with Visions of Santana, who recently opened for venerable rock stars Los Lonely Boys. Bassist Sam Evens (ex-Greenstone), Jake Egli, and keyboardist Geoff Watkins (of Timepeace) all also add their talents to the project. When firing on all cylinders, the TitusRodes Band shows why they deserve major radio play, and a national audience.

The iconic finger-snaps and piano that opens "True to Your Heart" leads to inspirational lyrics and an emotional pay-off; Club jams like "Cool Down" and "Her Name Is Love" beg for being blasted with the windows down on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive; "Finally Free" speaks true to those seeking a new life. The chorus blares with abandon and the maturity of knowing one can do what they feel to be happy. The band has made an impression on area pop radio, performed festivals, and as one blogger put it, is putting it's unique mix of "21st century Motown" on the map.