We are pleased to announce the arrival of the bright and talented musical group, Titus Rodes Band, lead by Fox Chicago Idol Finalist, Fernando Rodriguez. The group is composed of a all-star cast of musicians who have played throughout the Chicagoland area with groups such as TimePeace and the Visions of Santana. Titus Rodes Band has been renown for their stellar reproduction of today’s chart topping pop music, most notably heard on B96 and The Mix.


Hammond's TitusRodes Band is the result of alchemy: acclaimed, veteran musicians merging with, and inspired by, talented young perfectionists. The effect is tight, high energy, melodic pop that has been keeping listeners on their feet during live shows, and has caused a buzz with the release of their latest CD, Reasons to Conquer the World.

A well-oiled pop machine, this group is a cornucopia of races, genres, generations and inspiration. Fernando Rodriguez, the band's leader, singer/songwriter and co-founder, also does time in doo-wop vocal group Harbor Lights. His sister Georgie, appearing on new single "Don't Mess With My Heart," lends her writing ability and silky vocals to the mix. Veteran percussionists and co-founders George Buck and Kiki Ventura have years of successful musicianship between them, most recently with Visions of Santana, who recently opened for venerable rock stars Los Lonely Boys. Bassist Sam Evens (ex-Greenstone), Jake Egli, and keyboardist Geoff Watkins (of Timepeace) all also add their talents to the project. When firing on all cylinders, the TitusRodes Band shows why they deserve major radio play, and a national audience.

The iconic finger-snaps and piano that opens "True to Your Heart" leads to inspirational lyrics and an emotional pay-off; Club jams like "Cool Down" and "Her Name Is Love" beg for being blasted with the windows down on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive; "Finally Free" speaks true to those seeking a new life. The chorus blares with abandon and the maturity of knowing one can do what they feel to be happy. The band has made an impression on area pop radio, performed festivals, and as one blogger put it, is putting it's unique mix of "21st century Motown" on the map.



Written By: Ruben Fernando Rodriguez

I wanna rock with you girl all night.
But later can we have a Cooldown.
Temperature's rising because you look so fine.
Thats why I really need a Cooldown.
CoolDown x3
Girl you look so fine.

Too many hunny's in this club right now,
I'm looking at them like boom boom pow.
But their's this one girl who blow's my mind,
She got a fire that's burning inside.
She started dancing on me, and I just can't get enough.
My body's getting sweaty, and I start burning up.
Yeah, the hot hot sun,
She got me burning like the hot hot sun.


Verse 2

We keep on dancing like the world's our stage,
Our reality just fades away.
Becoming one in every way, quench this fire we're about to make.
So cooldown my body because I just get enough,
While we rock this party, you got that burning love.
Yeah the hot hot sun.
She got me burning like the hot hot sun.

Chorus Repeat


Put your hands up, baby got me burning up
She's on fire, baby got me burning up
Put your hands up, baby got me burning up
I need a cooldown

Chorus Repeat


Titus Rodes- Reasons To Conqer The World
(c) Ruben Fernando Rodriguez

1) Finally Free
2) Boomerang
3) Conquer The World
4) CoolDown
5) Her Name Is Love
6) Come Over
7) Be With Me
8) True To Your Heart
9) Somebody To Love
10) BoomBox Killa


New Single 'Malo' (JAN 2013)

Set List

Good Feelings- Flow Rida
Just Dance- Lady Gaga
Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Bendita Tu Luz- Mana
Billionaire- Bruno Mars
Just Can't Get Enough- Black Eyed Peas
Magic- Robin Thicke
Higher- Taio Cruz
Turn Up The Music- Chris Brown
California Girls- Katy Perry
DJ Got Us Falling In Love- Usher
Lucky- Jason Mraz featuring Colby Colet
Stand By Me- Prince Royce
Love Song- Sara Berellis
Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
Stereo Hearts- Maroon 5
El Amor Que Nos Perdimos- Prince Royce
Down- J Sean
You Make Me Feel Good- Cobra Starship
Lost Without You- Robin Thicke
Dynomite- Taio Cruz
Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz
Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner
Que Tengo Que Hacer- Daddy Yankee
Forget You- CeeLo
We Found Love- Rihanna
Evacuate The Dance Floor- Cascada