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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"Online comments from the music community"

Axeman gave a score of 6.83 / 10. Comments were:
When I heard the opening notes of 'change' being played on a cello, I thought, "oh no, not another gimmick or Jimmy Page wannabe." But, surprisingly, DeJesus makes the cello-rock mix work, thanks to solid vocals and some imaginative composing. Pretty interesting stuff--I'd go see this guy in a heartbeat. One critique I have is that at times the vocal phrasing was a bit overambitious, which made it hard to make out some of the lyrics.

Scoring: Songcraft: 6, Recording: 7.5, Freshness: 7.5, Vocals: 7, XFactor: 7

Rick Whitehurst gave a score of 8.91 / 10. Comments were:
A rockin Cellist? This is cool... real cool. Great voice too. The song is called "CHANGE" by Daniel De Jesus from Philadelphia and he may be onto something here... It certainly qualifies as a fresh and exciting new inroad for rock... It has that certain something as well, but the best part of Daniels song is his wonderful voice. The lyrics were well thought out too! I liked it!

Scoring: Songcraft: 9.5, Recording: 8, Freshness: 8, Vocals: 10, XFactor: 9

MongoKnowsRecords gave a score of 9.08 / 10. Comments were:
DeJesus is just laying it down in "Change". Rock and Roll Cello... This boy is just screaming all over it. Prince should hang it up after hearing this dude. Lead Zep should wish they'd have caught this beam of light a long time ago. Mongo thinks this dude is going to explode across the scene. Out of 9 Bonez - Mongo give 99

Scoring: Songcraft: 8, Recording: 8.5, Freshness: 9, Vocals: 9.5, XFactor: 10

nb gave a score of 7.25 / 10. Comments were:
Cello rock very nice and progressive giving you a unique edge that’s for sure. Wonderful arrangement and production, vocals has hints of Jeff Buckley and also at times Tea Party. Songwriting is defined and interesting very enjoyable.

Scoring: Songcraft: 7, Recording: 6.5, Freshness: 7.5, Vocals: 7.5, XFactor: 8

Christian Lowensprung gave a score of 5.25 / 10. Comments were:
There is a lot to say about DeJesus's style. There isn't many who dares to attempt what DeJesus here attempts: Mixing elements of rock, and classical music into one. The song change takes a bit getting used to though, and it doesn't matter how many times I listen to it, I can not quite get to like as much as I wish I should. But that is just me. But I tell you this, BeJesus is talented. So this is one act, we all should look up to.

- The Consensus

"Daniel de Jesus"

"Daniel DeJesus' music is like nothing I've ever heard before. Arrangements so pure and powerful, his voice is a battle cry of raw emotion. The word "unique" most definitely applies here."
Anthony Caroto
Origivation Magazine
- Origivation Magazine


EP - Hymns For A New Age 2010
LP - Music for Interior Castles 2012



One rainy Tuesday a large manilla envelope was delivered to the now-defunct basement studio of a hardworking music producer. The package was opened and a beautifully handcrafted cd folio slid out onto a desk piled high with multitudes of inconsequential detritus. The producer was intrigued and immediately slipped the disc into a nearby player. Almost instantly he sensed that this was no ordinary compact disc from any ordinary “artist”. The magnitude and sensitivity of the cello and voice emanating from the speakers was mind blowing. The rain stopped, and the clouds parted. Or at least we are told that’s what happened. Since this story takes place in a basement how are we really to know if the weather did or didn’t change on cue? Well, who needs truth when you have beauty?

With the release of their new album Music For Interior Castles, TivaTiva is set to levitate toward the stratosphere. Cello-wielding front man Daniel de Jesús captivates with his powerful, soaring vocals and steals the hearts of all mortals in his presence. Combined with the intricate and driving rhythms of drummer Darren Keith and the sonic intelligence of Ted Richardson’s guitar work, TivaTiva provide a transporting and soul-cleansing experience for lovers of music in any genre.

“TivaTiva’s music is like nothing I have ever heard before. Arrangements so pure and powerful, his voice is a battle cry of raw emotion” - Origivation Magazine.

“If you’re looking for kick ass Cello Rock, look no further” – Benjy Cantor, Sonicbids

“With a voice eerily reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and original music that would make any Indy band proud. The experience is mind-blowing” – Bag Of Songs