Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage


"...lyrics that hit straight to the heart and melodies that make your toes curl, this diva is well on her way to becoming one of Nigeria’s top female R n B singers..." - Katja Schiller, Nigerian Entertainment Online Magazine


Her first big break arrived at the age of 17. George Michael brought her in as a background vocalist for a major concert in Wembley Stadium. That was the night that changed Tiwa�s life forever! Ever since then Tiwa has been blessed to work as a background vocalist for many great artists such as Mary.J.Blige; Chaka Khan; Blu Cantrell; Emma Bunton (Spice girls); Lemar; Kelly Clarkson; Andreas Bocelli; Stephen Gately; Hearsay; Sheila E; Ms Dynamite, and so many more. Life on the road was electrifying! Touring with a myriad of bands, and sharing the stage with the likes of Sting, 50 Cent, and Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Destiny�s Child, and Robbie Williams has helped develop her live stage performance. She scored her first filmography in the Love Actually Movie. Born native Nigerian; raised in Lagos, until the age of 10. Thereafter, her family moved to London, United Kingdom in pursuit of wealth and opportunity. Her fondest memory of flirting with music was in the high school band as a trombone player. Very quickly she had to give it up because she could not afford to purchase one of her own. This incident brought about the novel idea of picking up an instrument that she did not need to buy. Her voice! At the age of 15 she began to sing. Tiwa first started out by listening and imitating the riffs and runs of friends at school who were singers. In addition, she would listen to commercial jingles and songs on the radio utilizing the vocalist as her instructor. After she had discovered the undiscovered talent within, she began to try-out for several music auditions. During this process, she had met a group of local talented musicians who exposed her to Gospel, Jazz, Soul and R&B. Music became that unknown entity that remained suppressed and dormant inside for so many years. In the midst of it all, Tiwa was able to graduate in 2002 from the University of Kent with a B.A. honor in Business Administration. Although a proud accomplishment, she still felt a void. In 2003, the world renowned, Berklee College of Music displayed interest in her musical talents by offering her a scholarship. Encumbered by the diversity of cultures, and the extraordinary chi of creative students; she knew then that she had discovered a musical synagogue to hone her artistry. Her surrounding environment nourished and provided her with the proper synergy for music productivity. Writing and recording for her new album, which has undeniably marked a turning point in Tiwa�s life! Today she stands before you as a well-seasoned writer, songstress and artist that has become full-circle. Exposure to the various genres of music, and understanding the written verbiage of keys, chords and harmonies facilitated her in constructing some of her latest material. Consistently, Tiwa will continue to bring her fans that R&B sultry sound, but now with a slight touch of freshness. Tiwa has already been generating a huge buzz within the industry. Keep an eye out for any updates on her new album release, and concerts in your area at www.tiwasavage.com, www.myspace.com/tiwasavage. Remember, Tiwa will always give you the word first before the streets!

Set List

Beautiful Night
Middle Passage
Walk On By

+ Covers upon request