Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRA

Between bitumen and the sand of Sahara, Tiwitine reflects life in the hottest scrublands of Africa as a tea burning with life


Sidi Ag Issa was born in Boni, a small town in Mali near Timbuktu, which hosts a diversity of Peulh, Arabic or Touareg cultures. At the age of 12, he was working in a shop when he first heard the guitar of Ali Farka on the radio.

When the country of integrity ends up its revolution and the rebellion starts coming, the Ishumar guitar is listened to on the sly and played on the frontline. At the age of 19 Sidi joins war and composes his first song, Te Wete with the folk touch of Touareg ballads. As part of the Imujar youth, he suffers exile, refugee camps and the ghetto.

A few years later, Sidi is on tour with his band Imnas. This gives him the opportunity to play and share his musical feeling with famous artists such as Nazer Adams, Papa Rast or Gwod. These encounters have shaped his musical style.

When he arrives in France he creates the band Tiwitine, which mixes genres and cultures, forming a unique groove totally inspired by traditional dance, brought in Tamashek and Morre.

Powerful rhythms come with lively and colourful melodies. The strings are cuts sharply in the way of a takouba, and the riffs wake up warriors. Touareg guitar, mandingue blues, a reggae touch and a funky groove, all these sounds express the nostalgia of the desert, the melancholy of the exile, fraternity, love, and betrayal.


- Boni (Released in 2010)
- El Djahalet (Next release in October 2012)

Set List


A diffusion of quality type (C-Heil, Nexo, John Meyer…) adapted to the venue.

Sound System Requirement:

-An analog audio mixer with mics / lines XLR and Jack input.

*Depending the reference of the sound mixer, please provide:
- 2 multi-effets type Lexicon MX 200.
- 1 SPX990 reverb processor
- 1 equalizer

Please provide 1 Mic SM58

Stage requirement:

Vocals : 2 microphones Shure Beta 87 or SM58

Guitar: 2 amplifiers 10'/35 W minimum / If possible with double entrance and effects (reverb/delay) type Fender Frontman 65 + 1 DI type BSS AR 133
On stage, add 2 mics type Shure SM57 to fit with a P.A. system in stereo the amplifier.
The second guitarist use a effect pedals which have to fit with a P.A. system in stereo.

Basse:1 amplifier 10'/35W minimum / Type Hartke A100, Fender Bassman 100 + 1 DI type BSS 133

Percussions: 1 static mic type Shure SM81 ou SM94, AKG série Blue Line

Drum: Bass drum: 1 mic type Shure Beta 52 ou D112