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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Band R&B Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"9th Annual Memorial Fashion Show"

Tauren was the openning performer for the 9th Annual Memorial Fashion Show. He received top reviews form the audience along with other media companies. - FCP TV

"Kribie TV"

Tauren performed during a live recording on live international television. He was interveiw first then performed live. He has been booked with several other TV show shortly after this time. - DC

"Eye's on South Florida Television"

Tauren was invited to perform live on a local television show call Eye's on South Florida. The TV host Laura Cragin conducted the live interview held at the Mix Ultra Lounge in Hollywod, Florida. Show was aired on local channel My33. - Robin Starks


First EP was called club chick which produced singles like “Club chick”, “Sorry”, “My love” (mother’s day song)

Working on my LP now with singles such as
“On the radio”, “My way”, Admitted, Roll wit my dwags and much more. Currently I am in production….



Tauren Stovall grew up in a family where music came natural. Trying to follow his brothers footsteps, Stovall began playing his brothers organ whenever he was not home. His mother after hearing him play knew he had the ear for music. As he grew older, he began singing in the church choir, where he later became the lead singer of his section. With a gospel upbringing, Stovall learned about other styles of music. This drew his attention more and more towards the music industry.
Continuing with his singing career, he joined the school choir, where he eventually met Tyrone, Terrance and Kareem and they later became friends. They later created a singing group called the Classics, which performed at different school functions. As time past, Stovall and the group performed at the senior school breakfast where he sung his first solo by Boyz to Men called, Its so hard
to say good by to yesterday.

By the age of 18, Stovall and his friends created a record label called, Golden Mic Records. This is when Stovall created and recorded his first song called Club Chick. With Brain McKnight as his role model, Stovall found an
Instrumental, by Brian McKnight and wrote a song to it. Stovall then wrote several more songs called, My Love and Sorry.
Stovall late met an old friend of the family by the name of Sean McMillion, whom helped him with recording his first remake of Sammies, You should be my girl. Sean provided Betty Wright staff with the song and they liked it. Not knowing who Betty Wright, Sean was able to schedule a meeting with me and Betty Wright, so I could be accepted in join her writing camp. When I met Betty Wright, she was one of the friendliest people I had ever met. She was easy to talk too and very lovable. She really made me feel at home, said Stovall. So he auditioned and was accepted into her school. He later recorded a song called, Roll wit my Dawgs. Mrs. Betty Wright was going to put it out on a compilation cd. This would have also been the first single
she put out for the cd!!!
Stovall later purchased a track for one of his original songs

called On The Radio. One day Dem Twinz manager Chiky of Urbacom Management had told them about a casting. At the casting he ran into and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Robin Starks of Starks & Starks Productions, Inc. Not knowing what to expect, Stovall casted for the part and was selected. Stovall felt he needed a manager to represent him so let later signed a manager and productions contract with Starks & Starks Productions, Inc. After being approached by several managers in the past there was
something about her that was different said the young artist, She was about business, very tough, but also had a heart to find this business. Since then he has travelled back and forth to New York, New Jersey and many other places around the world. I am sure by the end of 2009; he will be one of the top growing R & B artists in the world.

Since this time, Stovall has been featured in several major events. Such as Zoe summer Groove, CTC Designs Event, and International Magazine Concert, Sistrunk Festival, Palm Beach Festival, Best of the Best Concert and much more.