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Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States | SELF

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Hip Hoop"

"'My goal with my songs it to make people think about the way that they're living, think about the potential they could have if they step outside of their box and just stop living in fear and trust in God and take a leap of faith,' Pompeo said. 'That's the point of my music: To get people to think about their reality - that God does exist and that he does have a Son... He died on the cross; you can be forgiven for your sins. You don't want to live in hell for eternity. Trust me.'" - Daily News Record

"The New Faces of Christian Music"

“...For Christian hip-hop artist T.J. Pompeo who performs under the name t.Jay, the beat and phrases of his songs are the key to knowing him and relating to his personal testimony. A Broadway resident with roots in New York, Pompeo said he feels God has called him to use his free-styling talents to “infect” people with the Gospel. Jesus gets frequent shout-outs in his songs. While Pompeo admitted he’s run into people who are skeptical when they hear he chooses hip-hop to spread the word of God, he counters with stories of his concerts here and nationally — attended by white and black teens, often accompanied by parents who tell him they are relieved their sons and daughters are able to hear positive messages in the music they love. This response, he said, has reassured him that what he’s creating is 'God-ordained.' 'As long as your heart is there, as long as you’re in relationship with Jesus Christ, that’s worship. Religion is no fun. Relationship is so much more rewarding,' Pompeo said. ” - Rocktown Weekly


- Released full length album entitled "Side by Side," which received local radio airplay.

- Released full length album entitled "Expressive Content," which received radio airplay within six different states in the U.S.
- Released single with Level 3:16 entitled "Love" and the music video for it released a month after the song released. The song gained international attention, receiving radio airplay in the U.S. as well as England, France, Spain, Italy, Kenya, Sweden, and South Africa. The music video also gained attention by receiving over 25,000 views on Youtube and it was aired twice internationally on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network). The music video was also #1 on the All-Time Video Charts for 10 weeks straight on DaSouth.com, Christian Hip Hop's most notorious website.
- Released single entitled "Take You Away" which also received radio airplay internationally in the same countries mentioned above.

- Released free album entitled "Iris," which also received radio airplay internationally in the same countries mentioned above.
- Released free single entitled "Fresh Prints" which also received radio airplay internationally in the same countries mentioned above.
- 4th Album entitled "iExam" set to release in summer of 2012.



My name is Townsend James (TJ) Pompeo. I'm 21. I have roots originally in NY, but I currently reside in Virginia where I am attending college and getting my degree in Music Industry Production. I sing, rap, play trumpet and drums, I do spoken word poetry and I produce as well. I've been writing and producing music since I was 15. I'm madly in love with Jesus Christ and I'm beyond honored and blessed to be able to serve Him through the wonderful art form of music.

To avoid you having to read a novel, I’ll give you the condensed version of my biography. haha My life prior to encountering Jesus was full of bitterness and hatred towards God, mainly due to events that occurred in my adolescence. When I was eight years old, I was sexually molested by someone who I knew very well, and that would prove to shape and influence the following ten years of my life and what my heart would pursue during those ten years. I started writing music at the age of fifteen, and by the end of my senior year in high school I had completed my first full-length secular album. By this time, I had also become wrapped up in all sorts of idolatry with an obsession over females, drinking, a love for the party scene, an addiction to pornography and I was abusing multiple drugs. As my first semester of college evolved, my roommate was attending an on-campus ministry. He would always invite me, but I always said I had better things to do. However, he was relentless and kept inviting me until I finally decided to go. To put it plainly, the Holy Spirit completely captivated my heart that night. He flipped my world upside down. It truly is hard to explain and put in words what I experienced on that memorable evening, but I will surely never forget how loved and accepted I was for who I WAS. The Lord met me exactly where I was at: a ruthless, bitter, angry, hedonistic junkie. At that very moment I could feel and sense Jesus literally wrapping me in His arms and assuring me of His outstretched grace and forgiveness. WOW! It was incredible! I surrendered my life to Christ that night and the Holy Spirit empowered me to completely turn my life around. Part of that was dedicating my musical “gifts” COMPLETELY to Him. His hand has been upon my ministry ever since, covering it entirely. He's blessed me with so many amazing opportunities as an artist.

For example, I've had the privilege of going on a national tour with Level 3:16, a Christian Hip Hop group with Cross Movement Records. I've also had the honor of collaborating on a song with them and releasing a music video with them internationally. I've had the privilege of being the opening act for Sidewalk Prophets and I've also gotten to share the same stage as Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, KB, Pro, FLAME, Da T.R.U.T.H., Mali Music, The Ambassador, and many other incredible artists. For the past two years, I've been personally mentored and discipled by a Dove-Award winning songwriter and producer by the name of John Mandeville. The Lord has even opened doors for me to minister through music overseas, including venues in Spain, England, Ireland, Jamaica and I'm headed to China this summer to lead a hip hop workshop and do a concert!

It’s been such a remarkable journey, and it’s only just begun! God is so amazing and I am truly honored to be a vessel for Him in this magnitude of music.