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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Jam


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""The New Fairfield Coffehouse: 'We're Not Worthy!'""

"T.Jay Kowalchuk took the stage with an immense presence before even opening his mouth to sing. T.Jay stands well over 6 feet and looks every bit the part of the baseball scholarship athlete he was at the University of Binghamton. Before he takes his first commanding strum on the guitar, you find yourself doubting that he will be as good as you’ve heard, solely based on preconceived notions of handsome athletes and music. But, the instant T.Jay started to play, all negative thoughts dispersed and amazement set in. His talent easily matched his massive amounts of energy and showmanship. Besides his patent guitar mastery, T.Jay has an impressive vocal sensibility, singing high falsetto notes and belting powerful, dynamic phrasing. The final piece of the ready-to-be-famous-package that is T.Jay, is his extremely literate and insightful gift for lyrics and his jazz-influenced, yet still mainstream sound. There is no doubt that this talented young artist, who plays frequent local gigs, will break through to the big time. T.Jay commented on his Coffee House audience, “ It’s great to play on any stage where the audience is almost as much into it as the performer!� That is saying volumes, considering T.Jay couldn’t possible be more infatuated with performing as he is." - Meredith Rilley, Citizen News, New Fairfield, CT - Citizen News, New Fairfield, CT

"Guitarist TJay's 'Take a Seat' a Promising Effort"

He looks more like an athlete (and apparently pursued a career in baseball) than a musician, but you can't judge a book by its cover, and Westchester’s TJay (aka Thomas Jay Kowalchuk) is a fine up-and-coming guitarist.

TJay sings the tunes in a capable voice, but it’s his guitar that’s his calling card, with a clever, funky style and an inherent jazz sensibility that’s enticing.

Expressive playing is his forte, from the fiery solo in “Hey Fool,” and title track “Take A Seat.” The spirited, riff-driven “Goldfish” is a highlight, as is the forceful “Grady on The Run.”

Tjay’s “Take a seat” is a promising first outing from a strong new artist.
- David Malachowski - Daily Freeman - Hudson Valley, NY

"Three Minutes With...TJay"

"If you haven’t seen him – I don’t know what you’re waiting for!" -

"Live Show Review - The Twisted Tree"

"...TJay plays a be-bop-influenced style complete with heavy syncopation and all interwoven with smooth vocal melodies ala ‘70s Doobie Brothers or Steely Dan. He played selections from his latest disc entitled Take A Seat and is probably one of the only guys around that can boast of having world renowned sax man Bill Evans on their disc... TJay has enough talent to attract the interest of this killer sax man. His CD rocks and I could imagine he can do that with a band. TJay has also played with Dave Mason and Blues Traveler (Blues Traveler has asked him out again) and we hope he returns to the area soon. It’s a nice change from the norm here." - John Pfeiffer - The Aquarian - Asbury Park, NJ

"Singin Like a (T)Jay Bird"

"Remember those long gone-BYE rock days when singers had voices that virtually roared with power, finesse and...well... just damn great vocals. The Eagles hit those notes. As did the Doobie Brothers, Arthur Lee's Love and blues based belters like Robert Plant and Steve Marriott. What happened to that clarion sound? It disappeared. So when a new singer/songwriter like TJay with a vibrant CD like "Take a Seat" ( comes along one surely takes notice. And you can tell there is a strong gig history for this muse-traveler as well. That pickup truck looks ready for the rock rigors of the road and with songs such as "Hey Fool" and "Monte" TJay looks ready to ROLL. The Lucky Brand shades from Rem certainly complete this road show. Love that the particular style is called Backbeat. Give it all a look and listen. You'll be back."
- James J. Spina
Editor-in-Chief, 20/20 Magazine - 20/20 Magazine

"New Studio Work - State Street Blues Review"

One of freshest new sounds I have had the pleasure to hear in quite some time. T. Jay is without a doubt an artist to keep an eye on, and an ear to. His latest studio recording, State Street Blues, even in the unmixed stage demonstrates the versatility of his guitar style and vocal range. The song opens with a repetitious, melodic and tasteful groove that gets your head bouncing. Funky bass licks and snappy drum rim shots hold your interest. Following some melodic changes, catchy hooks, and Hammond pad chords, the music drops you off after a complete stop in some funky place, and then keeps the groove going. This is one of my favorite tunes and maybe yours too. Nothing beats some genuine creativity in the new music scene. - Jukebox Johnny @ Musicians and Bands. - Jukebox Johnny - Musicians & Bands

"Live Radio Appearance"

"Fantastic stuff. Great ear for a hook!" - Mark Cooper "Coop" from 101.5 FM WPDH Coop & Tobin Morning Show. - 101.5 WPDH

"College News Album Review - Take a Seat and enjoy the show"

I know. When I heard the artist’s name was TJay, I thought, “all this name is missing is ‘Killa’ at the end of it and we’ve got ourselves a bona-fide rap star.”

TJay is actually the nickname of rock/blues singer Thomas Jay Kowalchuk from Westchester, New York. A smart marketing move, as I don’t think Kowalchuk would hold people’s memory as well. TJay’s new album, Take a Seat has hit the streets and is worth your attention.

TJay may not own the most remarkable voice you’ve ever heard, but how many male blues singers do you know that sing like an angel? Regardless, he hits a wide range of notes that he can belt out with the best of them. TJay understands the intricacies of the blues genre and how to best appeal to its fan base, and that knowledge is expertly showcased in his album.

Despite his simple stage name, TJay is one talented and multifarious artist. He fills in all of the lead and back-up vocals on Take a Seat. In addition, he supplies all of the electric and acoustic guitar components and even contributes his talent on the trumpet.

Most tracks on Take a Seat offer a quicker and fuller blues sound bolstered by the work of Bill Evans. Evans provides his flair on the saxophone in four different savory aromas: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. He composed and performed the arrangements that appear in “State Street Blues,” “Hey in Your Sleep” and “Pretend You’re Driving.”

Bassist Mick Houser drops down slick bass lines on the disc with some especially notable work coming on “Hey Fool.” Rob Gueli serves as the drummer, and Jim Roberts lends his time on the organ and piano amongst other instruments.

TJay decelerates for “Your Easy Eyes”, the only real slow song on the album. Surrounded by up-tempo tracks, it stands out as a genuine effort and not a forced plea to a pop oriented demographic.

Careful not to forget what brought him to the blues festival, TJay keeps the rest of the disc lively with plenty of attitude. “Take a Seat,” “Grady on the Run” and “My Blues” are among the highlights of the album, full of verve and bluesy guitar riffs.

Unfortunately, TJay must compete with the likes of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and countless other musicians who ride the line between blues, rock, and pop. His style may not be as polished as those artists, but he’s just as fun.

TJay will be making appearances across the great state of New York all summer long, so visit his MySpace page if you want to see him live.

To give your iPod a healthy and worthwhile dose of the blues, snag yourself a digital copy of TJay’s Take a Seat on the illustrious iTunes.

- College News - Joe Anello


Plan B: Ignition EP (2007)
Take A Seat (2009)
Pivot (2012)



"(TJay is) at the same place in (his) career that Dave Matthews was when he recorded 'Remember Two Things'." - STEVE LILLYWHITE, Producer (Dave Matthews Band, U2, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz, Matchbox 20)

After receiving a scholarship to play Division I college baseball, TJay had been pursuing a career as a professional baseball player; playing gigs on the side to raise a little extra money. It wasn't long before crowds grew and word started to spread. From there, the choice was easy. Now, TJay is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, but don't let the singer/songwriter brand fool you. TJay's style of writing incorporates Rock/Pop with Jazz and Funk to create an independent sound with huge potential for crossover. Drawing on influences such as Blues Traveler, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Steve Miller Band, Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, and John Mayer, TJay's music is uniquely timeless and speaks to any musical taste. His newest studio album entitled "Pivot" was released in 2012 features John Popper (of Blues Traveler) on harmonica and Ryan MacMillan (of Matchbox 20) on drums.

As an Opening Act:
The Doobie Brothers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Blues Traveler (multiple shows), Rusted Root, The Neville Brothers, Little Feat (multiple shows), Dave Mason (of Traffic), Leon Russell, Chris Trapper (of the Push Stars), Chris Baron (of the Spin Doctors), Average White Band, Southside Johnny, Fastball, Joan Osborne, Graham Parker, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, and Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam.

Career Highlights:

Jan/Feb 2011 RELIX MAGAZINE JamOFF! Contest Winner - featured on the compilation CD along with artists such as Gregg Allman and Keller Williams. No stranger to the festival scene, TJay was asked to be a part of the Pleasantville Music Festival in both 2008 and 2009, Utica Music Festival in 2008, 2009, and 2010 and the 2010 Unicity Festival, as well as showcasing at both Singer/Songwriter Cape May and Millennium Music Festival. TJay's songs "Take a Seat" and "Put You Down" have also been featured on both the Millennium Music Conference and the Singer Songwriter Cape May Conference Compilation CDs. "Put You Down" was also selected for honorable mention in the Song Door songwriting contest. His rapidly expanding fan base now spans a large portion of New England, from Boston, to New York and reaches as far west as San Diego.

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