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He´s known as one of the best World Champs in BMX Dirt Jump competitions winning 3 Gold Medals and the heavyweight title "King of dirt". He has also spent the last 5 seasons hosting the reality show MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge.



You’re an inspiration, a fighter – that’s what you do: stay strong!
The 22nd of June, 2007 went down as one of the blackest days in BMX Dirt Jumping. That afternoon, 3-time gold medalist Stephen Murray crashed in the midst of performing a double back-flip. The impact crushed his 3, 4 and 5th cervical vertebrae and consequently suffered damage to his spinal cord. Though he managed to survive, Stephen Murray professional athlete, husband and father of two young boys, is now a quadripaligic & paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Few no better know better, than TJ LAVIN what a crash like that could mean. Having won the World Championship in BMX Dirt Jumping several times, his experiences have made him well aware of the risks in BMX. As a long-time friend of Murray’s, that friend’s fate hit him all the harder. TJ wrote a track to encourage Murray and to come to terms with the tragic event, a song that gets to the heart of their friendship and puts his worries in a nutshell: “Soldier”, a well-crafted fusion of HipHop and ballad that demonstrates this world-famous athlete as an outstanding musician.

TJ LAVIN gives free rein to his influences ranging from Timbaland to Garth Brooks on “Soldier”. His rapid, well-phrased rhymes paced at a moderate beat couple themselves magically to an acoustic guitar that is sure to get those goosepimples up and prickling. He receives support from Pippa Tabron, the wife of a close friend, in the form of gorgeous vocals she contributes to the track. There’s hardly a more intense way of showing someone that you’re there for them, through thick and thin.

For ten years now TJ LAVIN has been active not only as a BMX star and for MTV Real World / Road Rules Challenge as a presenter who enjoys worldwide popularity. He has a following as a musician, too. Working on his own under the name Lavs Labs, he already produced a collection of captivating HipHop tracks on his album “The First Set”. The CD took off like wildfire across the USA via mouth-to-mouth propaganda. It soon became clear that TJ LAVIN also had all the makings of a highly talented musician, a man who is developing a style of his own at his well-equipped home studio in Las Vegas. As TJ puts it, he would never call himself a rapper. The process of seeing a track emerge and grow is what he loves. Pure and simple. Even so, he has a solid ‘rep’ on the Vegas HipHop scene, and a fruitful musical friendship with the Kottonmouth Kings has been nurtured for quite some time.
TJ LAVIN is currently preparing his second album, which is going to be available in Germany, too through Rodeostar. It will contain a bunch of unconventional HipHop tracks, tunes with on-the-dot beats and off-the-beaten-path raps that have the potential to let TJ LAVIN become a major musician in his own right as well. One of those tracks is “Soldier”, the song to give Stephen Murray heart.

Yet “Soldier” is more than just a tune for a friend: It’s a piece of the future at the same time. A far cry from the NBA, NFL or other big-time pro sports varieties, BMX/ Actions Sports has no Union or League to shore up athletes with financial support when a catastrophe occurs. That’s why it was a never a question for TJ LAVIN that the track was to be released as a single, and that the proceeds from it should go to the Stephen Murray Family Fund that supports Stephen and his family through donations. When TJ goes on the US-wide Action Sports Tour (A.S.T.) at the end of June, he’s going to tell Murray’s story and warmly recommend the “Soldier” single to one and all – to have a strong man receive the help that he has earned.
“Take it slow and go your own pace,” is TJ LAVIN’s advice to young BMX riders.
“An accident like that happens rarely, a lot less often than an airplane crash. It was just bad luck. But don’t try to do something that you’re not able to judge.”

Stephen Murray has two sons and a wife who take loving care of him. He is 28 years old now, and he bears his fate with the greatest of strength.




Written By: TJ Lavin

Every night I pray you'll come home today
Everyday goes by and your on my mind
Don't feel so alone, Everyone is here for you
you'll be comin home soon

I sit and thinK of all the good times, I sit and think of all the right
lines or right rhymes to say
I sit and think I'm in the right mind
I think of all the reasons for livin that I might find today
I look to the sky God please help me now I showed you I want to be here
Tried to take me twice I had some bad advise but now my vision of livin is
so clear
I went from zero to hero to zero now back to hero again
I saw people hangin on and my brother stayin strong
Now I see the colors of my true friends and the loose ends
I tied up washed a clean slate I'm a little bit bolder
I changed man from the inside out for the better
Should of died on the dirt that day thank God i'm a solider
and I told ya I never given up, never goin down, gonna live it up
Gotta make it now, Cause I got the whole world on my side
Everything inside gonna make this ride, I remember spinnin doughnuts in a 745
Big dirt dreams fully recognized and now I fight the fight, I fight the one for life
And now I fight the tears back for kids and wife
and I'm here for life kid not just tomorrow need a shoulder to lean on I'm here to borrow
No sorrow of sadness cause where lookin ahead 1 step at a time and 1 breath of a line
and one look and you'll find success with each breath of your own,
just know for me one thing my friend
your never alone, because your never alone.
we love you


Your on my mind and i know deep down that where gonna ride again x 3

we gonna ride again

So I was away, got a text said Steven bad crash, just plain and simple and I
was thinkin to myself well how bad could it be i've seen him go down 100
times and ah he'll be alright but he didn't get up from this one but you
know what you made it so now your an inspiration, you're a fighter that's
what you do stay strong you got it



The First Set (album)
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