Tim Butler

Tim Butler


Instrumental guitar with no overdubs. All right hand technique. From Celtic to Django to flamenco and beyond.


Tim Butler has been playing guitar all his life, both acoustic and electric and has played on various CDs and recordings. Throughout the years and has performed with greats such as James Cotton, Lou Pride, Eddie Shaw and Valerie Wellington as well as local artist such as Richard Moody, Tracy K and more.

Tim has ventured off to Spain and took intrest in the styles of Flamenco blending it with his own voice and the playing styles of those such as Jerry Reid, Chet Atkins and others.


Timothy J Butler - Electric Psycadelia - 1998
Tim Butler - Between Trains
Tim Butler - Blues Sky
Tim Butler - Ride that train
Richard Moody - Live at the West End Culteral Center
Tracy K - Welcome to my Fantasy
Currently working on finger-Style CD and a Country Folk CD of his own original tunes
and is a member of Aliza and the KGB wich has released a 3 song EP and will be finishing a full length in the coming months. Tim is also working with an African singer from Liberia and expect to release and album in the coming months as well.

Set List

If tim is to play a show at a festival, he likes to mix it up with Celtic, Finger-style intrumentals and original songs with vocals. For example;

Cliffs of Moher
Two Hand Boogie
Castles of Ireland
Ride That Train
Tim's Baroque Blues
Dirty Cat Rags