The Empire

The Empire

 Houston, Texas, USA
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Imagine...a New, innovative blend of lifestyle, culture, lyrics, gritty tales of urban reality all from a southern hip hop perspective. TJ The Great is exactly that. The future never seemed to shine as bright as it does after hearing this Brand New flow, witty wordlplay and delivery and hard beats.


When people say "break a leg" they rarely mean it. In September of 2007 TJ The Great, Born TJ Wright from Beaumont, Texas did just that. As a member of the NFL TJ was forced to contemplate his future from the sofa back in the hood on the North End of Beaumont. Rapping since the age of 16, TJ posses the lyrical savvy of a life rich in both experience and observation to offset what was missing monetarily.With the uncanny ability to communicate his "black expereince", he leaves no stone unturned. While sidelined, TJ continued to work on his rhyming. As he prepared for a friday performance at a major label showcase in Cincinnati while still a member of the Bengals, TJ was released on the Tuesday leading up to the performance. He was forced to put that on hold, pack up everything and drive from Ohio to Texas. What devestates many young males in his position,was seen only as a minor setback once back home and facing the scrutiny of the city and the uncertainty of his profeesional career, he went back "home", to the booth. Given the current climate of young black America, the perception of hip-hop as a culture and artform, the the chicken or the egg debate over hip-hop and collegiate and pro-athletes, black males and their image, as well as the youth in general, TJ redefines stereotypes as well as creates a new mold seperating himself from the competition. While preparing for a full recovery and return to action TJ is on a path to create a real and true movement never witnessed as the two seemingly foreign worlds show themselves to mirror and merge behind the scenes more than anyone ever wants to admit. TJ The Great......remember the name, the future is now......


Belly of The Beast

Written By: Tj The Great

To want it all got to love to fall
to want it all got to love to crawl
so with scraped knees i introduce me
with scraped knees i introduce me
Howdy yall/is it my southern drawl/i recite this where i write this/up against a wall/inside the belly of the beast/ya body on the floor/this is not a metaphor am i playin not at all/they never said the beasts belly would be this small/ghetto hyrogliphics/my inscription written on the wall/i embody what everybody want bodies for/by the kerosine lamp/tappin a inkpen against my temple/tapping into my temple/finger rollin phillies like i never hooped for temple/i hope they scrunch they face till they get a new dimple/its this simple/when ya sixteens bump like adloescent pimples/the backlash is more waves than ripples/you can refuse and dilute the truth/but you cant ignore each and every last breath/as i pace back and forth with each and every last step/my eyes adjust to the dark/my nose adjust to the stench/ im pourin out what been bottled up/till its bottoms up/the world is not enough/thats a lot of big talk from a small guy/gotta let my soul glo on these small fries/all opposed say nay/all in favor say i
Gimme a B(you got your b you got your b) gimme a E(you got your e you got your e) gimme a g(you got your g you got your g) gimme a r(you got your r you got your r) gimme a e(you got your e you got your e) gimme a A(you got your a you got your a) Gimme a t(you got your t you got your t) gimme a be who you are

Verse 2
With the bullshit miss me/rap with no concious if they just thank im whistlin dixie/ flow mighty as the mississippi/third coastal pentagon/cant stop dont know how to stop(what u mean) i mean that there octagon/every story got eight sides with no truth/just lies hoverin like flies on fruit for dumb slueths/heres a clue gumshoe/if you/never knew/what the games been missin/pull up a seat turn up the beat and listen/no brains no hearts tin mans or scarecrows/ dorothy u aint tell me id be wakin up and livin in a spin zone/work-a-holic/with a looters logic/ these thing a majigs dont wanna see me reachin for my whatchumacallit/he say he earned stripes/i cant call it/ swallow ya whistle/kill the ump/become a ballaholic/kick it with a 6+4 through lifes hydrolics/you heard me call it/im tappin eight ball into the corner pocket


Invisible Sex Tape

Written By: Tj Wright

Verse 1
Oooh/look what youve done to me/it aint the same without you in front of me/need more us/more less/check ya rearview/fasten ya seatbelt/finaly got you/to myslef/look right/look left/its automatic/let go of ya fears/if this the clutch/time to switch gears/passenger seat leaned way back/know that im here/press playback/what beats that/you the driver/when u get wet im the windshield wiper/lead me to water/ms pied piper/steal my heart/your smile light brighter/pucker up/our relationship wont sour/turn the beat up((louder louder))
This is an invisible sex tape
all you gotta do is press play
and leak it straight to the internet
i wanna make ya sweat
This is an invisible sex tape
all you gotta do is press play
and leak it straight to the internet
i wanna make ya wet
Verse 2
I cherish you more than i do myself/when your gone i have no one else/my thoughts of you always help/i look deep inside myself/to take steps toward my depth/i explore/ to keep you to myself/so selfsh/but you what i got left/look right/look left/ wanna be the core of your apple/im aware that its more like a raffle/to be everywhere that you listen at/to be everywhere that ya rhythym at/give me you/give him that/feel forever new/never ask/feel the bass/feel the power/turn the beat up/((louder louder)


(they cant keep us apart...we gotta be together...this is my letter to you...we'll never be apart again..its about us...i need you...i need you)


Twinkle Twinkle

Written By: Tj Wright

You know i aint forget about you baby...its no way i could forget about you....not too fine...but you aint too fine to dance...get yo ass on the dance floor baby..lets go...lets get it

verse 1

i call her margerine/want nuthin but a man/but this game'll melt her sooner or later im the other man/she like im masculane/he more like tevin cam/got mary lil lamb drippin all in the land/you want a fan base/ i want a fan hurrican/plus i got pros from texas to maryland/want her terapants/hangin from the ceilin fans/im a good dude/but im just a bad boyfriend/ok im listenin/tell me about this birken bag/got ya martini glass and a cocktail skirt/ trey a certified/go on/ let them hips work/out to get ya carrots like greater than lesser than/you with thomas the train/ i think i can i think i can/im the reason that you add minutes to ya sprint plan/ i go out on friday night/ i come home on saturday morning

chorus 2x
Twinkle Twinkle you's a star
I see you dancing by the bar
Im noticing you from afar
How i wonder who you are

Verse 2

Prolly need me/ a bad b at 'skeegee/T so fly you'll think that he a government experiment/banana republicans cant govern this experience/narcs swarm like sharks in the waters of appearences/it appears this is apart of the good news/got me a bad b and i met her out i bad news/butter par k/met her at target'/haters add that to ya list of river canyon blues/me i keep yellas smilin like wally world/met her at the taste/she my betcha by golly girl/feel like cabeza de vaca with the vodka/wreckin in Texas/breakin em' off proper/chillin with women in the third demension/game breakin em' down/dick dishin dementia/keep her hair and nails did/thats cosmotology/peice and chain swang now thats kineseiology


Verse 3
She cant keep her coochie above gucci/to keep up with kardashians/mendi she love fendi/im mork with the fashion then/fly unidentified/play the role of shy guy/to get blown like a chi guy she claimin that she not high//that lie can be her alibi/we do this all the time/drinkin sex on the beach/havin sex on the beach/bottle service/scratch the surface/ready for a superset/talk to her long enough/i bet she on the internet/id be less than a g/to let you get away from me/left sally throwin seashells down by the sea/opposites attract/thank the stars in v.i.p./now you sittin on my lap/here have a drink or 3/now we know its a wrap/aint gotta stay till 3/tell ya friends they aint gotta really act bougie/i go out on friday night/i come home on saturday morning


(yea....its gettin close...close to the end of the you knew you was the finest in the club...i dont know what took you so long to come over her...but im glad you here..i know you aint scared when they cut the lights on?...i know you still fine.huh?... you know im just fuckin with you girl....this for you...dime piece..shine like the star you are baby)

Set List

Belly of The Beast-3:58
You Need Me-3:25
Nacho Cheese-1:49
Who's on First-3:58(freestyle/cover)
She Heard We Comin-2:32
Lots of Dough-4:13
Twinkle Twinkle-3:51
Well Well Well(outro)-:35 sec(cover)