Bagnolet, Île-de-France, FRA

His music is a smooth blend of soul, Hip Hop, funk and African chants. He sings in Kikongo and Lingala and his lyrics speak straights to our hearts. With drums, bass, keyboards and slamming percussions on stage, his unbelievable voice sounds great as an instrument by itself.


Landmark Didjeribone player Tjupurru might well say hes been collaborating for thousands of years with his ancestors, the land, and the histories of Australia. A proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera people, Tjupurru taught himself to play didj through a vacuum cleaner pipe while at boarding school. He has held a lifelong fascination with marrying ancient sounds with contemporary tools, having long utilised technology to serve the organic process of making music. Tjupurru uses a series of looping pedals and electronic effects to create didjetronica a genre that is at once tribal and totally modern.
Live, he uses Charlie McMahons creations the Didjeribone (a PVC instrument that is a cross between a didjeridu and a trombone) and the Face Bass sensor, which translates vibration into sound, creating a wall of auditory power that has to be seen to be heard to be believed.
In 2011 he takes it all to a new level with his album Global Grove.
Since the release of his debut EP Stompin Ground, Tjupurrus musical trajectory has taken him all over the world, introducing him to some truly prolific artists who have been floored by his innovative approach to music and wanted to be involved. With a truly synchronous approach to those connections, and out of that shared energy provided by his musical family and friends, the Global Grove project was born with the aim of harnessing the musical and creative input of Tjupurrus connections from around the world.
Global Grove sees musical meetings with over a dozen artists, all from completely different areas of Tjupurrus life. To give you an idea: Grammy award winners Don Grusin, Jeff Coffin, Justo Almario, and Charlie Bisharat contributed from across the seas all friends made during Tjupurrus travels. Queensland musician Wes Taylor added his guitar stylings and studio space as a Brisbane hub for musicians Kitch Wesche, Efiq Zulfiqar and Dale Rabic. Indigenous support comes from Yolung artist Gambirra and Nathaniel Andrew, now based in the US. Tjupurrus Top Shelf stablemates Ben Walsh and Bobby Singh (The Bird, Circle of Rhythm), and renowned multi-instrumentalist Bob Brozman added their world rhythms, with award winning composer Caitlin Yeo, also a multi-instrumentalist, on board with flute and accordion. Tjupurrus family took part, with his 15 year old son Geoffrey bringing his unique didjboxing to the mix as well as his Didjeribone playing, and 18 year old nephew Luke Fabila on clarinet.
After meeting seminal producer Lee Groves (Goldfrapp/Gwen Stefani/Black Eyed Peas) at the 2009 AIR Awards, the project started taking on life, as Groves used his expertise to direct the machinations of this truly worldwide musical and technological collaboration. The result is a 15 track epic, inspired by the journeys of Tjupurrus ancestors, resonating with sound and texture, facilitated by the passion of craft of Lee Groves, and featuring some of the worlds finest musicians, including 5 Grammy Award winners.
As Tjupurru says, The Global Grove project has proven to me that in this day and age, and with the technology that people have created, SHARING between people is easy and we should do it more often!


Tjupurru Global Groove

Set List

Earth Riddem
Mika Gorogo
Mt Nudgee
Bone Grove
Aisa Arua