Christian Wright and the joeZero band
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Christian Wright and the joeZero band

Band Folk Acoustic


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"Distance Chemistry" LP, 12.06

"Mental Notes" Complilation CD, 6.06
Featuring "Shallow Attractive"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hello and welcome to our press kit. I’m Christian Wright of the joeZero band. I’m a singer/songwriter and one-man band that has somehow managed to include two band mates… Confused? Read on.

It took me 7 years to pin down my sound as an artist. I’ve run the gambit of musical styles. Since being thrust upon a violin at the age of 3, I’ve tried everything (classical, metal, swing, pop, mixing colas)... I didn’t think it mattered, because I believed that a good song would withstand any musical style and still do. Look at country music… I can hear most of my songs in the country style, even though I die a little inside. It’s too bad that a budding music career doesn’t have the same tolerance for stylistic exploration.

Interestingly, my lyrical focus was the one subject that remained consistent: my failings in life. (girls, poor social skills, aversion to depression, girls). I still write vignettes about the human experience (and girls), but now I also hope to craft phrases that draw empathic feelings from the listener (often about girls). After all, music is better when you share it.

Of note is that my music has never sounded like a solo act. Since my first musing on piano, I’ve been rotating guest musicians to fill the holes in my own proficiencies. Unfortunately, this made picking a genre all the more confusing.

Soon I found myself in Texas connecting with my two great pals, DJ and Chip. Unlike me, they knew exactly what they wanted their music to sound like. While DJ preferred complex, original progressions and acoustic sounds, Chip had a background in 4-chord punk and alternative. So much for an easy decision. This time, however, things were different… because these guys stuck around.

They’ve been helping me to refine my songs for 3 years now, and with their influence constantly thrumming in my over-analytical brain, I’ve somehow found a middle ground. As my producers, engineers, and step-in musicians, DJ and Chip sand down my rough edges and knock down every wall that we encounter. And we do it on top of stable paying jobs – that we’d gladly exchange for a record deal.

And so with extensive adieu, I hope you’ll have time left to enjoy the joeZero band!