Te Kohikohinga Kohatu

Te Kohikohinga Kohatu

 New Plymouth, Taranaki, NZL

Te Kohikohinga Kohatu specializes in traditional and contemporary Maori (Indigenous New Zealand) music in the styles of World, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Reggae. The name means "A Collection of Stones"; a metaphoric description of the 7-piece musician collaboration.


This group of musicians who's name means "A Collection of Stones" was brought together by Simon and Morgana James to introduce and produce a new Maori music sound to the world.

This is contemporary and traditional Maori (Indigenous New Zealand) music in the styles of World, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Reggae. "TKK" endeavours to promote and celebrate Te Reo Maori me ona Tikanga (the language & protocols) of Taranaki, New Zealand for lovers of World Music.

Based in the very heart of WOMAD NZ, this collaboration was conceived in the wake of WOMAD '12 after a realization that there are no bands in NZ that perform traditional/contemporary Maori music in various genres. NZ is known for its many reggae bands (2nd only to Jamaica, per capita) and Simon and Morgana felt compelled to create this band out of a necessity to showcase our ability to compose and perform in different genres with an authentic Maori context.

Songs range from tales of love and political issues, the natural world and positive role modelling. With 3-part harmonies, haka & poi performances and an exceptional rhythm section - TKK is set to represent NZ in a new light, with a great sound that all can enjoy.


Whakataka Te Hau - Single Release
Te Kohikohinga Kohatu - Self-Titled EP Album

Set List

Ko Hea
Te Mahina
He Aha Te Manu
Matua Tipuna
E Hihiri Ana
Parihaka March
Tu Tonu
Whakataka Te Hau
Hau Hau