TL's vocals are smooth and sweet with hot music production from Mike Hitts of HittMaster Productions giving her a new sound for everyone to enjoy.


TL, the songstress, musician, director, writer, producer & teacher was
born and raised in the Washington, DC area. While growing up in the
church, singing has always been a part of her life. At the tender age
of 10, TL began taking piano lessons on and off up until the age of 13.
It wasn�t until she sat under the leadership of Archbishop John Paul
James and The National Cathedral of Christ that her God given talents of
music began to flourish and doors of opportunity began to open. While
in attendance at the Cathedral, TL became the Minister of Music which
led to her being able to travel and work with other musicians and
singers outside of the Metropolitan area. TL has been blessed to work
with numerous gifted musicians and singers alike.

In 2006, TL released her debut CD, �You Can Make It�, which was produced
by Mike Hitts of Hitts Entertainment. She is now in preparation for her
sophomore project which will be a live CD/DVD recording...TBA

Currently, TL is a senior at The University of the District of Columbia
(UDC) studying for her degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education
Studies. While at UDC, TL has performed with the UDC Chorale under the
direction of William Jones and The Voices under the direction of Gerry
Gillespie. A few of TL�s musical influences include
Louis Williams, O�Landa Draper, Twinkie Clark-Terrell, Kim Burrell, and
Dorinda Clark-Cole.

TL says, �My goal is to reach and encourage as many people as I can
through this gift of music God has given me whether vocally or through
the instruments.�

Psalms 33:3 �Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud


Think Of His Goodness

Written By: TL (BMI)

When I think of His goodness
And all He's done for me
I can't help it I'll just clap my hands
Because he's been so good to me

It's Alright

Written By: Mike Hitts (BMI), TL (BMI)

It's alright
It's okay
Don't worry about a thing my son
Don't worry about a thing my daughter
It's alright and it's okay
Don't worry about another thing
It's under His feet


'Think of His Goodness' has had radio airplay along with internet radio.

Set List

Depending on the promoter
(Mini Concert) 10-39 min
- Stay Together
- It's Alright
- No Not One
- Virtuous Woman

(Full Concert) 40-90 min
- Songs may vary
- Covers (upon request) Contemporay Gospel, Christian, Soul