I am a songwriter who writes country songs that have a rock feel. My guitar player and I perform rarely but record all of our songs in a home studio. When performing live, we have a singer/songwriter feel with two voices and one guitar.


I was brought up on rock and roll music, especially hard rock bands of the 80s such as Rush and Van Halen. I have written 30 hard rock songs over the years. Having grown up in Texas, I also have been influenced by Texas country artists like Willie Nelson and George Strait. I have been writing country songs for the last two years and have 30 country songs. What sets me apart from other bands is that I am a true songwriter who is interested in the craft of the song more than anything else.


Rockport, Texas

Written By: Thomas Lamme

When the sun is hot
And the days get long
It takes me back
To a place I belong
When life was younger
And the girls all were cute
You could sleep all night
In your bathing suit
(chorus) Those summers in
Rockport, Texas
Swimming in the bay (fishing in the bay; dreaming on the pier)
Rockport, Texas
Watching dolphins play (that sleepy hideaway; facing life with no fear)
Rockport, Texas
Where seagulls fly free (soaking up the sun; where a boy is free)
Rockport's where I want to be (Rockport, you're the only one; Rockport's you're the one for me)

Every time I smell
Shrimp on the grill
It takes me back
But time never will
Salt spray on my face
Hot wind in my hair
Palm trees in the breeze
How I wish I was there

Take me back again
To crab with my hands
To run the beach
My toes in the sand
Every day of life
One more step away
From the boy on the shore
Of Copano Bay

The Big Three

Written By: Thomas Lamme

Preacherman, how are you doing
I know I haven't seen you in a while
I missed church the last month of Sundays
But dwelling on the past ain't my style
My truck's up on racks
With a busted transmission
I'm wearing out the soles of my boots
People may say it's from my two step dancing
But I tell you that just ain't the truth

(pre-chorus) You say you've heard me promise before
But Sunday comes and you close the door (walk through the door)
And look around and don't see me anywhere
I've (you've) said it before and I'll (I'm sure you'll) say it again
Oh, I ain't perfect or free from sin
But certain days you know I'll be there

(chorus) Christmas service, Mother's day (Easter Sunday)
I get there early Easter Sunday (I'll bring you flowers on Mother's Day; I take communion Easter Sunday)
I never miss the big three
I'll go out drinking Saturday
Hit on some girls and get in a fight (And show up in church with my new black eye; stay out late and come home tired)
But I never miss the big three
You can count on me (with my family)

Yes, ma'am, momma, I hear what you're saying
Churching is good for my soul
I left early last Sunday morning
But my truck got hit by a pole
You say you saw me on the way to church
Putting on the number two green
That can't be right 'cause I skipped one and two
And tee'd off on hole number three

(music break)

Two Step Program

Written By: Thomas Lamme

Hey, boy, you drink too much
You try to sing when you're drunk
I hate to tell you this
But you sound like hell
Hey, boy, you talk too much
You never shut up
I'm tired of hearing you complain
About the haze in your brain

(pre-chorus) Well the first thing you do is admit you got a problem
The second thing you do is forget about your problem

(chorus) It's a two step program
And for a full recovery
Take my advice and have a beer on me
Get the finest girl around
Take her by the hand
Get her out on the floor
And she will understand
You're on a two step program

Hey, boy, you laugh too loud
You always draw a crowd
They love to hear your jokes
So here's another toast
Hey, boy, you fight too much
You can't take a punch
It's the same old thing
When you're drinking again

(music break)



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