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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop




"T.Lee – Before The Overpower"

Opening with ‘The Crash Part 2′, we’re immediately treated to some vintage sounding guitars, creating a rich and sumptuous vibe.

Eventually, though, those tones give way for the track proper to really kick in. The bass hits hard, and the overall feel remains classy and vintage sounding. From the first few bars, T.Lee’s vocal is up front, with a degree of aggression and grit in his voice, easing off at points a la Kanye. Towards the end of the track, the curtain is pulled back to reveal more vintage samples before some clunky bossa nova beats begin to drop. ‘Right Now’ is more washed out and smooth sounding, with dubstep/garage tones to be found, while the main vocal surfs over the top of the hazy instrumentation. The bass really bounces, and the beats sizzle as the track rolls along with its vocals heavily teated with auto tune to give them a thick coat of stylistic polish. ‘Ducati/The Crash’ floats along with a the glorious sound of a gospel choir unfolding in the background. The vocals are darker in tone here, with T.Lee’s flow never missing a step and making full use of his slightly lower register. Moving into a more pop aesthetic, ‘Henny Hardaway’ works well as a dancefloor track, grooving along with a real intentionality. The bass continues to be truly bouncy and the lyrics are up front and cheeky, with the to be expected hip hop references to ‘the girl’ who, it would seem, is “naughty”, and “thirsty”. ‘Say No More’ opens with some spoken world pep talk about making the ordinary things extraordinary, moving in to intriguing lyrics such as “I don’t need a go sign to know that my mind is a gold mine”. The beats shuffle beneath the track like a tireless miner, making sure the song keeps to its course, while the glacial key tones shimmer and sparkle along in the high range. Things get a little more aggressive with ‘Warrior’, exploding from its first few bars with an industrial vibe and earthy percussion tones added to the mix. The track comes across much like one who is stepping up for a fight, casting glances around the room to see who’s cruising for a bruising. By contrast, ‘Don’t Do That’ makes use of a more cinematic tone, with its James Bond style samples and wild synths that swirl and scream as the track steams itself along. Getting more relaxed, ‘The Separation’ unpacks a huge soundscape of synth tones that ripple along, creating a sonic undertow that pulls the listener along, while the vocals confidently roll over the track. There are plenty of fun moments to be found here, particularly the production techniques that have been used on the vocals, where they get treated to all kinds of pitch shifting, usually down to a low growl, adding to the sense of male bravado that runs through the tracks. Closing with ‘Godzilla’, Before The Overpower once again employs the vintage sounds that it opened with, creating a deep sense of warmth before finally fading out to bring things to an end. - Crossradar

"T.Lee - Before the Overpower"

T.Lee is a rapper and song-writer with an incredibly eclectic background.

Born Travis Lee, this talented artist has always been into music, showcasing a big passion for the sonic arts since he was just a kid, singing along to songs from inspirational artists the likes of Michal Jackson, LL Cool J and Cash Money, most of which went on to influence his sound and career.

Eventually, T.Lee set out to find his own creative and personal identity as an artist, always striving to deliver honest and personal lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, his songs are really fun and highly engaging, but his music is actually much more than just simple entertainment. I’ve always felt that there are 2 types of artists: those who are trying to ride on top of the latest trends and please the crowd according to the “flavor of the week” and then there are those artists who want to stick to their guns and make an impression for who there are and for what they do, not just because of what people expects from them.

T.Lee definitely strikes me as an artist who belongs to the latter category because of his insightful and relatable lyrics.

His most recent project “Before The Overpower”, was released earlier this fall, and it is a follow-up release to T.Lee’s debut mixtape “F.M.W.O. - Fly Mackn’ World Order” and to his 2013 sophomore release “Love Guns & Roses”.

One of the most exciting thing about T.Lee’s performances is definitely the realness and roughness of it.

Although in some circles the term “roughness” is seen as a negative thing, I mean this in the best possible way. Raw emotions, raw musical performances are the most interesting. This is why people still listens to Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain or Notorious B.I.G. – No matter what the genre of attitude is, there is always going to be more emotions when performers truly mean what they say, and T.Lee wears his heart on his sleeve.

This brand new release has got it all: groove, melody, vibes and charisma, offering a great compromise between modern productions (Think Kanye West) and Old School vibes.

Head over to T.Lee’s official website to find out more about the artist, his releases, upcoming music, videos and other news!

http://www.tleeworld.com - Band Camp Diaries

"T.Lee Before The Overpower Is A Hard Hitting Hip Hop Record You Need To Hear Today"

T.Lee Before The Overpower Is A Hard Hitting Hip Hop Record You Need To Hear Today

T.Lee throws out a hard hitting record that starts with one heavy handed mix of beats and lyricism. “Before The Overpower” builds on an empty canvas and gives you a deep look into a versatile rap game that T.Lee is overthrowing. “The Crash Part.2” is a provocative track that speaks volumes with raw power and a beat that drives the point the rapper is trying to make as an opening. It’s like a kick to a locked door before rushing in and taking no prisoners, solid in the approach, and smooth through the ending, a well-placed starting point for a hip hop record that truly goes through several defining lines.

It’s not all harsh and heavy handed, T.Lee knows how to flow through various moods, beats, and rap styles. You’ll be surprised how he a story can unfold from introspection to commentary on love, life, and so much more. Just when you think you figured out everything, the record takes a left turn and a new picture is painted for you, which is usually reserved for the best rappers. It’s during the flows that come through with “Right Now”, “Henny Hardaway”, and “Warrior” that introduce you to variations on several lyrical positions.

There’s expertise found here that definitely shines light on the prowess of T.Lee’s voice. He finds a way of mixing up hip hop beats with mainstream swagger and lyricism that is definitely more than just your standard release. You’re going to want to listen to this record twice or three times in one sitting because there’s so much found here. Lyrically sound, beats that shift, and flow that will hit you hard. “Before The Overpower” is one of hip hop record you have to check out, it’s a good new release and something that you are going to definitely want to recommend to others as well. T.Lee is making solid moves and pushing some incredible lyrical elements, and tracks that stand out amidst a crowded hip hop marketplace.

Check out the official T.Lee website here, and hear what very well may be your next favorite hip hop record. It’s one of the best release in 2014, especially with so much power in the lyrical presentation. Don’t miss out. - Sell Out Records

"#TheSitdown with Travis Lee aka T.Lee"

[Dallas , TX – July 19th]

Name:Travis Lee “T.LEE”
Hometown: Greenville, TX.

Label name: Fly Mack Records
Upcoming Project: Current project that is out now “Before the Over Power”

Producers: Sean 1080P is one of my main producers. I have also began to use other producers that i make relationships with via social media or meet at shows. Everyone has a sound that can be used in some kind of way

Inspiration: my inspiration is life itself, the more i live and the more I experience the more i can share with the world.

How do You define success ?: to me success is measured in happiness and expectations. as long as you are happy and you are meeting

Who Music Inspires You? : Kanye West, Michael Jackson, the late 1990s early 2000s era

Upcoming goals for 2015 – 2016: One of my main goals is to break into the dallas/southern musical scene has I continue to grow. Coming to the south and dallas region if your music is heard here it can be reached by many and people in the music game.

3 things i must have in the studio: something to sip on (preferably Hennessy or a cheap cold beer) loud speakers, and good vibes

Top 5 albums ever created: juvenile 400 degrees, michael jackson bad album, kanye west 808s and heartbreaks,jayz blueprint2, outkasts atleiens,you are

Who in the would you like to work with now?: Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Adele, Pharrell

What do i want people to take from my music when they hear it? That life is worth living, & that you should follow your heart, & have no fear because you live & you learn, but in the process you should do the things that make you who are.
Hear more music from T. Lee CLICK HERE - The Culture Supplier


FMWO (2012) Love Guns & Roses (2013) Before The Overpower (2014)



Musician T.Lee isn’t
cocky. He’s just exploding with confidence. After the recent release of his
latest project, the Texas-born rapper has no question it’s going to take him
from an underground artist to mainstream, Top 40 commercial rapper

KANSAS—Hip hop fans are going to be in for a real treat when they hear rapper
T. Lee’s “Before The Overpower.” It’s packed with amazing beats created in a way
that rivals the musical quality of other famous rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye
“The album
is about the barriers that try to stop independent artists from trying to get
into the industry,” explained T.Lee. 
“All of the negativity, the naysayers won’t hold me back. I’m not going
to stop until I reach all of my goals.”
Speaking of
Kanye and Jay-Z, they actually happen to be the two artists who've inspired him
the most. After seeing them both perform live in concert in 2011, he’s vowed to
one day achieve their same greatness.
“Just the
energy in that building and the whole scene, I was like—I’m going to do this no
matter what,” explained T. Lee. “After the concert, I bought my own studio
equipment, and I started pumping out songs religiously and studying the hip hop
scene and the laws of attraction and what makes a person like certain songs,
For T. Lee,
he describes his style as a “melting pot” of all sorts of genres. His musical
influences extend well beyond the hip hop scene.
“I enjoy
alternative music, too and R&B,” explained T.Lee. “There have been so many
music genres that have influenced me over the years.”
Growing up
in Greenville, Texas, T. Lee was raised by a single mother where he says money
was always in short supply. For him, music became his escape from reality.
motivated me to better my situation,” explained T. Lee.
After high
school graduation, T. Lee received a full athletics scholarship to a college near Kansas City, Kansas where he double majored in criminal justice and sociology.
“All I
really wanted to do with those degrees was work with kids and be a probation
officer, but honestly, I didn't have the passion. I didn't wake up thinking
about doing that like I did music,” stated T. Lee.
This was
further confirmation for T. Lee that he was destined to rap and do nothing
“I really
believe this new album is what is going to take me from being and underground
artist to mainstream commercial artist,” explained T. Lee.  “I’m not going to quit. I’m going to stay
focused.  In five years, I see myself
being one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.”
To learn
more about T. Lee, check him out on his website at tleeworld.com.
To listen to his music, visit him on Soundcloud.com, Reverbnation and iTunes.

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