BandEDMHip Hop

classic hip hop mixed with feel good dance, pop, soul, and funk


TLM (The Lyrical Maze)
Born and raised in Columbia, the METRO South Carolina.
Singing at the age of 9 and writing poetry and short stories by the age of 11.
The poetry converted to a fun classic hip hop style with elite metaphors, similes, and diverse wordplay.
She started battling at the age of 13 and won multiple talent competitions
while developing the unique Hip Hop talent she possess today.
Currently a dance choreographer in Columbia, SC. TLM has tavelled and featured extensively across the nation.
Her flow has been compared to a mix of MC LYTE, with the versatility of Fergie & Pink.
The Lyrical Maze's achievements and features include
* Headline Artist -The NWO Word Warriors Tour 2008
* Featured artist at SAHAS END GAME Cd release.
* Ranked 5th internationally in the Ourstage.com T-PAIN competition
* Featured in KRS1 concert at The Apache Cafe Atlanta, GA
* Featured with Tony Winner georgia ME @ 30Something in Mobile, AL.

My Pad: Columbia



Written By: TLM

Imagine streets made of gold
trees with diamond leaves
and these niggas walk around with money stacks of there sleeve
man i must be dreamin...
for a heaven on earth
so when i have time
i take alot of dreams for their worth
if we didn't want the better
we wouldn't work seven days like slaves for cheddar
they say a piece of paper
give that one man the clout
sittin on his ass in class
tryin to learn non factual facts
about the world and when he leaves they just spit on his back
education is money
honey don't just grow on trees no more so nothing is pure
so why i gotta take my shoes off to walk on your floor

chorus - dreamin all in my mind cant waste no time in this life
dreamin fightin the fight to stay on top of this grind
dreamin all in my mind cant waste no time

get your money honey and keep dreamin on you as fly as the sky that you keep looking on for an answer
beautiful, intelligent
so you use your body for cents
thats what we made for
sometimes i feel like it never even mattered bout our mind so we don't fight
we play the game right
we i write to recite
"and i dance to get tight"
make moves to sunlight
make moves to sunlight
barely i can get a break
the only day i stay real sane is to got insane on my paper
and i can dream of camera lights flashing
and i know thats there only me to get this thing happening
if you ready for the movement get my mic ready i'll be waiting on deck
before this thing is over i will have my respect
trying to take my mic... ha ha man you must be dreamin

Get Away

Written By: TLM

Im feeling like i never wanna come down so i run
through the clouds and i jump across the stars for you
so baby it's another thing
loving what we do is so real..
to me..
and all i wanna do is be so open and free

( dance get right, breathe get right) repeat

see I'm looking for a dude to grab my hand and make me move i got my number in my pocket and the dance floors rocking you feel it too

Chorus- i been waiting all day
just to get away
the party's getting live
so won't you clear the space
I been waiting all day
just to get away
the party's gettin live
so won't you feel the space

let's get a little bit personal TLM's a chick that dreams universal
i got a nu flow make you wanna get away
feel good music dreamin for days
wait baby wanna come with the girl
stay you gotta get ready for my world
the dance floor's looking good
trying to take my shine man i wish you would

chorus repeat intro repeat


Debut Single- Get Away
Debut Album- Acronyms

Set List

5- 20 min
opening song
debut single
follow up song from album
outro / also open for discussion