An energetic group of kids writing for themselves and the people in front of them. Singing and playing thier hearts out hoping for somone to sing along. Music is our heart and soul. We make sure to show it.


It's one thing to say "wow, that band can really play", or "wow, listen to that singer belt it", but it's the best feeling for a band to hear "wow, these guys really love what they're doing". We hear it all the time and it's by far the biggest motivation in the world. Growing up in small towns, (i mean the ones you could of blinked and never saw) was the hardest thing in the world for all five of us. Each and every one of us can honestly say we've never wanted anything more. Music = life, it's what they all say. Yet, we really do mean it and we know so many others feel the same. It's the reason we work so hard, it's the reason we play in front of 3-10 people at a time, it's the reason for everything we do as a musical arrangement. We are True Life Story and we mean to tell the whole world. Our music has been influenced by so many different people and past band members and icons we've come in contact with that today we really think we've molded perfectly. Yes we do have much room for improvment, but thats a given. We can say through all the blood and sweat, we've never worked harder at somthing. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU MOVE! WE WANT TO HEAR YOU SING! WE ARE TLS AND WE WON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING! Just five kids rocking hard and hoping someone will love every second of it. Our story is vivid but can be put very simple; after about 10 different band members and MANY band names we are TLS, or True Life Story and our music is FUN, EXICTING, ORIGINAL and CREATIVE in our own way. Get ready to dance and sing along cause with the feeling we've been told we give on stage there's nothing less we make anyone want to do.

Recently we found ourselves on stage with a band that is headlining Trustkill Records this year and are skyrocketing through the ears of many. Bedlight For Blue Eyes has been our biggest accomplishment to play with and we look forward to doing it again.

Ever heard of the vans warped tour? We have been blessed and have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tour this September, October and November with Epileptic Hero who have now played vans warped tour for 3 years and are taking this year off to come out east. They are from California and we can't wait to hit the stage with them.

Some of our influences range from New Found Glory to Breaking Benjamin to Underoath, Atreyu, Fall Out Boy and even Van Halen.


One homemade acoustic album:
"As We Crumble Through The Wind"
One uneasy demo:
"True Life Story"
Our first professional demo/album is being focused on in August and September before we hit the road with Epileptic Hero.

Set List

We play every show almost the same unless we write new songs (which happends alot)

But this looks like the typical set list NO COVERS, (unless requested)

1. I Left My Parachute on The Plane
2. Oscars Ruin Models Lives
3. Superhero
4. Following This Weeks Trend
5. Teenage Song
6. Over and Over
7. A Virgin Suicide
8. Near Death Experience
9. A Breath Away
10. Being Skitsophrenic Isn't So Bad At Least You Always Have Company
11. Same Old
12. Long and Dusty Road
13. Unordinary Girl
14. Fallen Angel

Our sets can range between 30 minutes to an hour to an hour and a half. If we are requested to do covers then tops two hours we push for if necessary.