TLV - The Lord's Vessel

TLV - The Lord's Vessel

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Rap music that anyone can understand. Music for the soul and for the world. Lyrics written to break the image that rap music has become today. This is the kind of music that can be played for all ages without the compromise of the filth and sexual promiscuity in today's rap messages.


I started writing songs in 1986 with the vision of rocking the microphone in front of thousands of people. I've got to learn just how cold the music industry can be. Three producers and twenty years later, I was blessed with the opportunity to release my first LP Unmerited Favor independently. This album is a celebration of the change of the old me into the new me, including major testimonies from my shady past to the renewing of my mind, the redeeming of my soul, the healing of my relationships and the restoration of my heart. My influences range from the soul of the 70's to the hip hop of the 90's. The uniqueness of the The Lord's Vessel to the music of today is the hardhitting message. Instead of adding to a demoralizing, "anything goes," explicit and money hungry message to the listeners of today, my purpose is to break the image of hip hop and claim back morality and family values by speaking truth, love and wisdom according to the the gospel. I used to write songs of my greed, selfishness and rebellion, until my moment of clarity to the truth I denied. By the time I could finally see the truth, I was a gang member, three time loser to drug rehab, and about to lose my wife and children. My purpose is to tell my story to the world, through my musical gifting, and let people know that they can overcome and be victorious in all things through Jesus Christ.


Been A Long Time

Written By: Douglas Gusimat

Been a long time

-Its been along time since Ive used my spittage
What a blessin and privilege to drop some God given
-Cuzz I was all about that street life thug thizzle frame of mind
Then God broke me and took the blinders from my eyes
-And all I saw was death in all I had my fingers on
all my thoughts were evil my first choice was do ya wrong
-any complaints then Id be on your porch G-lock
I was a proverbs fool on Satans will but now Im not
-Im Jesus property written in the Book of Life
Washed of all my sin, baptized in Holy fire
-Locked deezown, shackled to an NIV
Lifting up praises and prayers to bind the enemy

-Back in the ewdio but now Im on a different level
A testimony to the living God and not the devil
-no more shootem up, beatem down or shakin dice
Dont need no happiness, I have joy because of Christ
(repeat) , I have life because of Christ

-people look and say isnt that d-note loc
They say, Where have you been? I tellem savin souls
-your divine appointment to see what Jesus did in me
Gods ministry to preach through my testimony
-that if we seek God with all our heart then we will find
Joy unspeakable, agape love and peace of mind
-healing in your heart for all the pain that youve endured
The king of all kings, He gave His life so youd be cured
-He gives us power in many ways to spread his light
This is my gift fueled by faith to fight the fight
-cuzz God is always good all the time in any weather
If you dont have Jesus, you need to know, ya need to getem

-I have good news that heals the bones and gives birth
To life abundance fruit of the spirit and its works
-ya wanna block it, that is your choice but understand
I cant save you, you must decide that Jesus can
-but if its in your heart to make a change seek His face
Ask Him in your heart to change your life and walk His pace
-Study the scriptures cause with your heart you much search
And be accountable to the body of the church
-join a cell group thats bible based and get your milk
Until you need the meat of the word to get your fill
-stay in the Spirit given you when you got saved
Spread the gospel, be a servant and praise His name

-shipwrecked, about to die in the storm
thats what its like to walk without the Lord

God's Glory

Written By: Douglas Gusimat

God's Glory

Now I'm not saying that I'm flawless
I fall, but get up
keep my head up, cause I got brothers on my call list
to help me hold my arms up to beat the "Old me"
subtle ways to control me, but God told me to "get with him(satan) boldly
You(God) promised me that you would be the same yesterday, today and forever and I'm blown away
(He) won't leave me to die
If I call on him He'll provide
He's in my eyes
Some don't believe me
But neither did the Sanhedrin when Jesus preached
Strap on the armor from Ephesians and be a vessel when He tells me to speak
And I can't wait to be with Jesus the King of Kings
I don't deserve it, ain't nothing like mercy sing!

Jesus loved me when I was His enemy mean mugging and deadly
Team ugly, instead He spoke through someone tempting
One of my childhood folks I knew since bomber jackets and bogarts and Jr. High sports
He introduced me to Jesus
Made the great breakthrough
the whole time, the devil promised that it would fade soon
Don't want to listen
Resist'em and dismiss'em
No religion or tradition to be a fisherman
A product of the Gospel brought up by the seasoned
Fed meat by my provider, didn't want to stay like Legion
I was read to go see Abba, but He had plans for me
What a blessing! Sing about God's glory!


LP Unmerited Favor released August 25, 2006. TLV music can be heard online at http//

Set List

Typical set list include songs: Been A Long Time and This Vessel. A bigger set list would include the typical songs, plus songs: God's Glory and His Will. A typical set list lasts about 15 minutes and the longer set list lasts 20 to 25 minutes.