Apex, North Carolina, USA
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Straight out of the sticks of North Carolina. T-LYRIQ brings the "Southern Charm" to hip hop that has you loving hip hop again. From the lyrics to the live performance, T-LYRIQ delivers the whole package.


Heralded as one of North Carolina’s most promising rap artists to date, Hip Hop trailblazer T-LYRIQ is establishing himself as one of the South’s most talented artists in the industry. Born Torrey Farrar, LYRIQ is quickly emerging as a fierce lyricist whose dreams of becoming a rap superstar is quickly becoming a reality.

Although LYRIQ is making waves with his music and continues to squash the competition, he has not always enjoyed good fortune and success. As a young black male living in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, LYRIQ became the witness of violence, crime and drugs. Angered by his limited circumstances and resources, he became a street hustler to provide for himself.

Determined to rise above his disempowering environment, he focused on making fast money. His plan to get ahead quickly unraveled when a close friend was tragically killed. To mourn the loss of his friend, LYRIQ found solace in writing poetry, and began to realize his gift for writing.

After honing his writing and rhyming skills, LYRIQ began spittin’ wherever there was a live audience, including at his high school. His freestyles were so electrifying that he continually attracted massive crowds, and received numerous accolades for his rhyming capabilities.

Seemingly overnight, the one-time street hustler from N.C. found a new love, and a new quest for life. LYRIQ credits music for making him the man he is today. Rhyming has served him well, and has taken him from the tortuous streets of North Carolina, to being one of Hip Hop’s celebrated MCs.

Eager to make a name for himself and spread his music to the masses, LYRIQ contacted Tayvon and John Smith of Yungsta Entertainment. Tayvon and John, two of the South’s most prominent Hip Hop music moguls, founded Yungsta Entertainment, and quickly established it as a thriving, full-service entertainment company dedicated to providing top notch hip hop to the urban culture.

Upon hearing LYRIQ’s uncanny rap skills, Tayvon was immediately impressed, and was committed to working with the young, up and coming star. In 2004, LYRIQ became Yungsta Entertainment’s first signed artist and released his debut EP, “Southern Charm.” Its hypnotic beats and raw lyrics were well-received by Hip Hop lovers in the U.S. and beyond.

“Burn it Down,” LYRIQ’s release, was even hotter, and showed his controversial, yet impressive spine-chilling rhymes that he presents with relentless vigor. Since dropping his first EP, LYRIQ is recognized as an up and coming Hip Hop hit-maker whose lyrical prowess continues to mesmerize rap fans from around the world.

His hot single, “Paper Boy”, garnered mass attention from rappers and Hip Hop fans alike on both coasts-and shows that his lyrical prowess cannot be denied.

Since his debut, LYRIQ is back on the grind. His hot, new single, “Spotlight”, featuring Dustin Tavella is sure to be an international party anthem. With a new, highly anticipated album on the way, the incomparable lyrical genius is in a league of his own, and is well on his way to extinguish all who cross his path.

As the new heavyweight rap sensation, T-LYRIQ is confirming that he is second to none. Like all of the major players in the rap industry, such as 50 Cent, Kanye West, and T.I., LYRIQ is carving his own niche in the Hip Hop world. Destined for greatness, T-LYRIQ is proving that he can stand with the top players in the rap game, and is here to stay.



Written By: T-LyriQ and Dustin Tavella

Ok, ok. I must admit it//
The top look like I was birthed to get it//
I'm strictly business Eartha Kitt'en//
With a brand new swagg & some purple lenses // Ha!
Check me out watch the digits grow//
Apex status, Swagg original//
Trust in me Dustin - T-lyrical//
Sure to bring the light to the night so here we go.

watch me spot light...
i hope your ready for me
shinin like...
we keep that fire burnin all night...
and when you see me you can
watch me glow, watch me glow, watch watch me
spot light

Ha- I'm the best to do it//
It's Yungsta E. and the rest conclusive//
You know how we do swagg institution//
Camera's on shine keep the lenses moving//
Yeahhh// Ha//
That spot might blow//
Bruce Leroy with a spotlight glow//
Flow more fluid then Deer Park//
I'm on the red carpet//
At the top like ohh //

yeah im on top watch me glow
aint goon' stop, green light go
got it on lock, let y'all know
blownin up the spot with mr. lyrical

i noticed you noticed i rock, i stunt, i shine
im on it. you want it step back shawty get in line


EP/"Southern Charm"
Single/ "Burn It Down"
Single/ "Paper Boy"
Single/ "Spotlight"

Set List

T-Lyriq's set is 15 minutes.

Paper Boy
One Of These Mornings