Touch Me Airborne Plague

Touch Me Airborne Plague


the great plains on fire under setting sun.


"The universe presents only changing relationships which are sometimes seen as laws by short-lived awareness. These fleshy sensoria which we call 'self ' are ephemera withering in the blaze of infinity, fleetingly aware of temeporary condtions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. If you must label the absolute, use it's proper name: Temporary."
- Frank Herbert

"Your boy is in the wind."
- David Simon

Touch Me Airborne Plague (TMAP) rock group from brampton, ON established in 2006. evolving always. songs on the precipice of great crises.


2006 | "Touch Me Airborne Plague" EP
2009 | "The Rate of Exchange" EP

Set List

Set list varies between new and old material.
Regular set length approximately 30 mins.