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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Check us out at NXNE's Jagermeister AUX BBQ Bash! 5:15"

Check us out at NXNE's Jagermeister AUX BBQ Bash!
Click to 5:15! - Aux TV

"Show Review: Rivoli | Toronto 2008"

"If you find that you suffer from any of these conditions, and if you left their show at The Rivoli (334 Queen St.) Wednesday April 30 in delirium, chances are you have been infected by the musical charms of Brampton's wistful rock-trio, Touch Me Airborne Plague. Do not bother seeking immediate medical consultation (and thank heavens for that); there is no known cure..."

"Touch Me Airborne Plague opened their set at The Rivoli with dreamy, echoing guitar, wildly refined drum beats and metallic-clanking thumps on bass. Whether his hand is oscillating heated mandolin-like strums or plucking ethereal arpeggios, Dawe's guitar-riffs hit you and then linger, and, as if multi-armed at birth, West often appears lashing each drum at once; his poundings fierce but quarantined at will..."

"Lyrically, the trio provokes thought and emotion, creating an esoteric yet intimate tone, with Behrendt supplying some moving back-up harmonies. "This song is about forever," Dawe avows at the onset of their fourth offering, Retaliatory Action, and proceeds to sweat out each line, the emotive rasp of his voice seemingly oozing from every pore of his body..."

"Dubbed experimental, Touch Me Airborne Plague has engineered a new strain of rock music, harnessing the dimension of musical time, with choreographed stops and starts and dynamic tempo changes that result in a sonic experience which is utterly contagious." - Bandwagon Magazine

"Touch Me Airborne Plague ~ Self Titled EP"

Here I am sitting in my backyard, seven years old and it’s a gorgeous summer evening. There are other people here, mostly adults who I don’t recognize, sitting around eating hamburgers and potato salad, drinking Labatt 50 out of stubby bottles.

This gathering is quite strange because my family never, and I mean never have people over to socialize in the backyard.

It’s not like we were the weird quite family on the street that had something to hide because the blinds were always shut and the front light porch was never on. No, no, nothing like that at all.

We actually live beside an airport (so close in fact that I can throw a tennis ball from where I’m sitting and land it on the runway) so our neighbours can get a little loud at times – this obviously annoys the shit out of my parents.

I on the other hand really like the neighbours.

So much so that I wait in our backyard, morning and night, in hopes that I might catch a glimpse of one of these marvelous, soaring machines taking off into the still, muted sky.

- Chris Fry - Truth Mag

"Gasmasks on for Touch Me Airbourne Plauge"

Straight outta Brampton BRAP BRAP…Ontario… comes one of the most silliest band names I’ve come across in quite some time. But I suppose It works for them. I’m not going to lie, clicking the link I was bracing for a wave of suck with my other hand on my volume knob.
Touch Me Airborne Plague have got something decent in their newest song, The Rate of Exchange which comes off of their own self titled sampler album. It’s like a teen punk sound with blasts of rock/pop that your not afraid to like in your 20 something’s. Which, lets face it is rare. There is something about the music that is strangely more grown up than something like A New Found Glory or Blink 182.
The bass just pounds through the background and there is even some sweet tambourine action later on in the song. The melodic style during the verses sounds like someone doing scales in a panic, its something that sounds really strange but it works well here.
So, even with such a silly band name, they manage to pull off some decent tunes. I will be following these guys and I look forward to their full length album “Culling Season” which is to be released in Jan.

You can check out Touch Me Airborne Plague on their myspace. - Captain Pownzor


2006 | "Touch Me Airborne Plague" EP
2009 | "The Rate of Exchange" EP



"The universe presents only changing relationships which are sometimes seen as laws by short-lived awareness. These fleshy sensoria which we call 'self ' are ephemera withering in the blaze of infinity, fleetingly aware of temeporary condtions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. If you must label the absolute, use it's proper name: Temporary."
- Frank Herbert

"Your boy is in the wind."
- David Simon

Touch Me Airborne Plague (TMAP) rock group from brampton, ON established in 2006. evolving always. songs on the precipice of great crises.