T. March

T. March

BandHip HopWorld

I make music for every culture. I don't want locals to know me, I want the WORLD to know me.


I'm not telling just my story, I'm telling your brother, sister cousin, aunts and uncles stories. The inspiration behind this whole album is the passing of my baby sister and this is what I breath (Music). T. March has opened up for Artist Direct artist Smilez and Southstar and performed in several clubs; including, Club Karate in New York City, The House of Blues in Orlando, Velvet Room and Atrium in Atlanta, GA.


T. March also released several mix tapes, including; The Hottest out Vol 1, Street Ni**a Vol 1 and 2, and Holla Crack Vol 1 and 2. A few of his songs were aired on 88.5 a local Atlanta radio station