Tim Miller

Tim Miller

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I'm one of the funniest dudes that you've never heard of. I can kill in front of any audience, I'm professional, and I know what it takes to entertain. High energy, strong punchlines and sensible stage presence!


Tim Miller's aggressive but endearing comedy style creates a show worth seeing more than once. His life as a sheltered son of Pentecostal ministers from Waco, TX, and working at the White House (during three administrations) has made for an energetic comedy style that combines an engaging stage presence with a sarcastic zing.

Tim started doing stand-up after 8 years in the US Army. After five years he has slowly began trying to leave his professional day job in Washington DC and go head first into wherever the entertainment industry would take him. Since then, Tim has worked with todays biggest names in comedy from Pablo Francisco, Daniel Tosh, Ted Alexandro, and Bob Marley. After performing at the DC Comedy Fest, he was named one of the funniest in Washington DC in a 2006 DC Improv showcase.