Orlando, Florida, USA
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LU-I (living under the influence) was born Joshua Jerome Matthews on July 22, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland.  At a young age God's favor was on Joshua's life, however being born into a broken home he went astray.  Joshua lived with his grandmother in Baltimore until 1993 when he, his grandmother, his two sisters, little brother and mother relocated to Jacksonville, FL for a new lease on life, from a tragic family situation. That's when Joshua got introduced to rap music and it quickly became his passion.
 However, Joshua's life did not change, but it got progressively worse. By this time in his life Joshua was attempting to make a career out of selling drugs and robbing people to get what he wanted, but thank God for a praying grandmother, who consistently planted seeds of hope in his life that would later prove to be so vital. On July 18th, 2004 his life took a turn for the better in a much unexpected way. He was arrested for armed robbery. Now at the end of his own rope, a familiar friend showed up with encouraging words and the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that totally changed his life, and with a renewed passion for life and a zeal to be pleasing to God, Joshua began using the gift that he once used to glorify the things of this world to glorify and magnify God.
His heart's desire is to truly reflect the nature, attitudes, and principles of Christ in everything he does which births the name LU-I (living under the influence). LU-I wants to have every thought, action, and reaction influenced by Jesus Christ and the Holy word of God. Since being released from prison Joshua has begun building countless relationships with men and woman from all walks of life, whom God has placed in his path, with the same message his grandmother cemented in him as a child. There is love, peace, and hope in Jesus. Joshua now known as LU-I is a reminder to all of us to truly LIVE under Christ's Influence.


“Fire in My Bones” (2009) - 1st Album Released with Triumfant Muzik; LU-I radio single “Just Breathe”; currently playing on radio stations in and around Florida


Set List

LU-I raps all original songs.

Sets are as follows:

10 minute set includes 2-2 1/2 songs

15-20 minute set includes 3-4 songs

30 minute set includes atleast 5-6 songs

45 minute-1 hour set includes at least 7-8 songs