TMoody’s music is really unique. Rock, pop, southern rock, country, rock-a-billy, jazzy, Americana, and rocky-tonk best describe the tunes from his CD. Live performances of the TMoody Band can work the crowd into a frenzy or stir deep emotions. Hearing TMoody, reminds you what music is all about!


My songwriting stems from the extremes of my personal life. From Reckless living and excessive partying, to getting clean and sober. From living in hopelessness and desperation, to casting off all fear and chasing my dream. That is why each song has the ability to reach out and touch anyone at some level. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever lived, loved and experienced life. The hundreds of musical influences, from one end of the music spectrum to the other, accounts for the unique blend of flavors in my music. Songwriting and performing is absolutely, without a doubt, what I was created to do.


Acoustic Groove...Electric Vibe (2006)

Set List

2 sets - 1 hour each
1. Stay
2. Lawman
3. Run
4. Remember Me?
5. I’m Right
6. The Bottle
7. Life’s Lessons
8. Breathe
9. Close To Me
10. Love Song
11. Sparrow
12. James McGoo
13. Diamond
14. The One
15. Cardboard Box

Covers are from The Stones to Hendrix and everything in between.