Oldsmar, Florida, USA


At a time when the music marketplace is flooded with carbon copy rappers rhyming over generic, watered down beats, a new generation of talent is poised on the brink of the come-up. Physical, Mar-Kiss, J Wood, and J Britt, better known as TMP, has thrilled audiences with their electrifying stage act, lighting up stages across the state. With their extraordinary skills in singing, dancing, rapping, and songwriting, this group did not find any difficulties to rise as the “Hip-Hop and R&B Kings of the Bay”. TMP, short for Too Much Pride, pride themselves on not only upholding, but also embracing and advancing the position they have created throughout the years, appealing to the ladies while maintaining their unique look and style of music. Together these four young gentlemen comprise the hip-hop/pop ensemble known to the world as TMP, and have emerged with a distinctive flair, coupled with the discipline and tenacity that breeds chart-topping success.


Leave With Me

Set List

set is basted on the event ,we dont do covers.