Todd Nelson's TN3

Todd Nelson's TN3


The music of TN3 is a unique fusion: Original songs that are improvisational; exploratory in texture and sound but melodic; arranged but open-ended; structured while embracing the random; aware of the past without repeating it; unafraid of space, subtlety or beauty, and it rocks!


Todd Nelson is a guitarist who has recorded or performed with Terry Adams (NRBQ), Gary Burke (Dylan Joe Jackson), Hayseed, Aimee Mann, Ed Mann (Frank Zappa), Rumdummies, Pal Shazar, Jules Shear, The Wheelers and Dealers and others. He was a founding member of Fear of Strangers (aka The Units), a band that was an integral part of the New Wave scene in the Hudson Valley of New York in the 1980s, releasing an album on Miles Copeland's Faulty Products label. The band shared stages with the Police, Squeeze, the B-52s, XTC, Iggy Pop and others around the Northeast.
Kyle Esposito and Manuel Quintana are both highly sought after musicians in New York's Hudson Valley. Kyle has played with George Baker (Marvin Gaye), Fourth House, Less Deluxe and the Meg Johnson Band. Manuel has worked with the Orleans, Jim Weider, Robbie Dupree and the Meg Johnson Band as well. Both also currently play in Anna Cheek's band.


Todd Nelson - "Here" (trio CD available at CD Baby and iTunes) As a sideman or band member: Rob Beaulieu's "Raisinhead" and "Evoking the Sun", Pal Shazar's "There's a Wild Thing in the House", and Rumdummie's "Too Dum to Quit."
Manuel and Kyle can also be heard on Anna Cheek's "Water Over the Bridge", "Live at Mast Cove" and The Meg Johnson Band's "Between You and the Golden Sun."

Set List

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