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The best kept secret in music


"The Machetes"

"The Machetes are a fast, fun, and heavy band straight out of Harrisburg, PA. Seeing the band live is an experience in itself. When it comes to music, it is a hard and driving sound that instantly pumps you up. Whether their opening with their aggressive "Catatonic" or the crowd favorite "Carry On", every song makes you enjoy being there and not a second of fun is wasted at their shows. The most exciting and energetic part of their shows, I must say, are the choruses. With sing a longs and memorable lyrics, everybody in the front row feels like a part of the band. In summation, if you're looking for a night with your friends to just let your hair down and have a good ole time, come see the Machetes. They are the most down to earth, good hearted people who appreciate every fan, and are not afraid to make complete asses out of themselves, or their friends." - Yaple Press

"Machetes Live At Small's"

Next was The Machetes, and yet again they played a flawless performance. These guys are so really original, I find it hard to actually classify them. They have a punk feel about them, with classic country, and a rockabilly feel, remind of some sort of classic early sixties garage, greaser band. Scotty Five-O, on guitar and vocals, along with Glen Charon, guitar, have a Buddy Holly feel about them, and no it's not just because they were glasses, and look like him, but the way they play guitar. Sean Saman, on bass, and his brother Shea Saman on drums, are excellent musicians too, and these four guys have been together for a very long time. They went to school together, and through various times have all been in different bands together at different times. With songs like "Last Train Home" and "Catatonic", their fans sing along. In fact the unsung fifth member of The Machetes, Yaple, joins in with the cowbell, and interpretative dance number, in his short shorts on "Catatonic". Reminds me of Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, and his dance number is funny, but disturbing at the same time, but he made a new friend on this night who chased after him out the door. The Machetes finished up there set with a guest bassist, and old friend who was home for the holidays from the Navy, Jason Deitreich formally of Jaxy and the 357's covering Misfit tunes, all and all one hell of a great performance. Check out The Machetes at . - Hermit Press

"Fly Magazine"

The Machetes are the vanilla cream in the Oreo cookie that is American punk rock. You’ve got oi-punk on the East Coast and skate-punk on the West, and there in the middle is the Harrisburg four-piece, holding the whole mess together with a helter-skelter brand of punk that borrows equally from Orange County’s aggressive melodicism and Jersey’s darker, square-jawed muscularity.
The band ultimately sounds reminiscent of Face to Face, only skinnier and drunker. At the same time, the music’s got an off-kilter shuffle reminiscent of the Drive-By Truckers’ earliest efforts, back before they learned how to be all profound and transcendent and were still making songs like “Buttholeville.”
“I have been influenced by Dropkick Murphys, Bouncing Souls and Social Distortion to Elton John, Queen and Pink Floyd,” says frontman Scotty Five-O, “the former for the energy and the latter for the hook. We love the energy and raw emotion. We are also suckers for a good sing-along anthem.”
The fist-in-the-air sing-along choruses do much to make the band’s music accessible to a wider swath of listeners. But The Machetes maintain a decidedly anti-radio snarl that will make folks who define punk by the contents of Hot Topic’s CD racks feel a bit uneasy. They’re not pop-punk, they’re punk, and that means some toes might get stepped on along the way.
Prior to fronting The Machetes, Five-O was guitarist for punk rock under- achievers Slow Andy. That’s where he ran into drummer Shea Saman, with whom he founded his new band in June 2007.
“Shea mentioned that his brother Sean was a fantastic bass player and his friend Glen played a mean guitar. We got together shortly after and things clicked. We had two complete songs after our first practice,” Five-O says. “This band has taken on a life of its own. We have so many good people supporting us and we can’t thank them enough. This has been fantastic so far.”
Less than two years after that first practice, The Machetes have opened for national bands like Agent Orange and released their first recording, the Last Train Home EP. The first track, “Riot,” earned the band some press in Guitar Player magazine, who praised the way The Machetes captured “the soccer-cheer exuberance that fueled rebellion and redemption” in punk’s earliest days.
No one’s going to argue the merits of positive national press. But, while The Machetes are appreciative, it’s hardly the reason why they continue pushing forward.“We do this because we love it and because people seem to care,” Five-O explains. “We don’t have any lofty dreams of becoming rock stars. [But] any musician would love to make a good living with their art. That being said, we would not turn down any fantastic offers.” - Jeff Royer

"Guitar Player Magazine"

Taken From GP November 2008 Editor Boy's Big 8, Page 36.

The Machetes, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania "Riot"

This is a punk track, so go ahead and hate me for picking it. But I loved the British "School of '76" vibe, and the fact the band totally gets the soccer-cheer exuberance that fueled rebellion and redemption in London's pubs and clubs back in the day.

Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine, Editor In Chief
- Guitar Player

"Machetes or Misfits?"

Punk rock choice: Machetes or Misfits?
Posted by Michael Sedor/PennLive. com October 16, 2008 07:28AM
Categories: Music

Why travel the whole way to Lancaster's Chameleon Club on Friday to see 1970's hardcore act The Misfits when you can stay in Harrisburg and attend local punk band The Machetes' CD release party at The Spy Club?
Maybe this will help you make your choice: Misfits tickets are $18 and the 7 p.m. show is all ages. The Machetes show is set to begin at 10 p.m., cost is $5, no one under 21 allowed.

It is perilously close to Halloween, maybe a trip to Lancaster would be fitting.

Still unsure? How about this. Glenn Danzig won't be at either show.

The Machetes have built a loyal following since debuting a little over a year ago at the dearly departed Smalls on Second Street due to the infectious energy of lead singer Scotty Five-0 and his strident Billy Zoom-esque wide-legged stance.

Their debut CD, Last Train Home, will feature their crowd-pleasing songs "Catatonic" and "Carry On.



The Machetes- Last Train Home. Available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and CD Baby. Also have airplay on 105.7 The X.



We came together in the spring of 2007 from various bands in the area. We all had a love for punk, rock, and various genres that somehow mixed together into one. The love of music is what drives us and we always try to create something new.