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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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"Q&A with TNG"

Q &A with TNG

After listening to some tunes from Toronto rock band, TNG’s new album, It's About Time... one thought was growing rapidly in my mind, vigorous classic rock tunes with a lively voice and hammering rhythms instantly ringing in my ears. -' If they can capture so much energy in the recording material, what are they like for their live shows?' Then I found out that one of their latest shows at Parts + Labour was interrupted in the middle of the performance by the police, due to the noise. This only got me more exited. I had an opportunity to ask some questions. Enjoy!!!

1. What does TNG stand for? And what does the band name mean to you?

Jeff: It’s a toss-up between Three Nice Guys or The Nice Genies. We’re actually just down with keeping it an acronym. Acronyms are hot right now. LOL.

2.If you described TNG in one word, what would it be and why?

Jeff: Raw.

3. Your debut album, It's About Time..., was released in summer of 2011 after 3 years since the formation of the band. How was the process of song selection for this record?

Jeff: It was difficult. There was a lot of push and pull between including new material or putting a lot of our old stuff on the album. In the end, most of the songs on the album were songs that had been written in the few months before the album release. Most of it is very new, but we still wanted to give some of our old stuff justice.

4. The album enclosed the high energy of the band.- It is the album that makes me want to see TNG live. Was it a challenging aspect to capture some of that on the record?

Jeff: It was definitely challenging, but I think many rock and roll bands have that problem. We dealt with it by recording most of the album live off the floor, which I think helped preserve our loose, raw feel. The tunes were cut as if they were live with Evan, Frank and I in the same room, with the vocals recorded after. It’s always hard to reproduce that live energy, but I think we came pretty close.

5. It's already six months from the album release. Do you think these songs from the album represent the path you are heading to or has it been evolving into a different form (forms)?

Jeff: Already I think we’ve started to grow a little since we released these songs, but they definitely point in the same direction that we’re going. We’re becoming more focused on the sound we want to have, and It’s About Time… displays the beginning of that, but I think the next album will be a more concise picture of who we are.

6. Any particular songs that you like to perform from the album and why. (I am personally a fond of You Better Run, Ringing in my Head and Turn your head. )

Jeff: I’m partial to Hit Me, but You Better Run is also a favourite of mine.

7. If you could tour across Canada with anyone from Toronto, who would it be?

Jeff: Opening for Death From Above 1979 would be a good match I think. We would probably have to cut some of our slower stuff, and mic the shit out of the bass drum, but I think we’d work well together.

8. What's on your playlist right now?

Jeff: I’ve been listening to Fucked Up’s new album “David Comes to Life”. It’s pretty intense. Cage the Elephant’s new live disc is also in the rotation.

9. The last show at Parts and Labour on Feb 2rd was shut down by the police. What happened?

Jeff: Apparently we are just too loud for the side of Queen West. I don’t think they are used to wild rock and roll shows at that bar.

10. A couple of shows coming up in Feb-April in Toronto. What can we expect from these shows?

Jeff: Hopefully a lesser police presence. But definitely a wild time including kazoo solos, dancing flowers, stage dives, and shin kicks. Catch us March 3rd at the Silver Dollar. If you want all the show details, check us out on
Thank you so much Jeff for your time. No one can stop TNG. They have a number of upcoming shows for you to check out as below.

March 3rd at the Silver Dollars
March 17th at the 460
April 13th at Not My Dog
April 20th at the Velvet Underground - Music Psychos

"Review- “It’s About Time…”- TNG"

You know you’re truly in a rock and roll band when you’re kicked out of a show for being too loud. TNG can make such a boast, and if anything it only fortifies their rock credentials.

Though few and far between, there are still a few bands out there (a lot based in the big city of Toronto) who are trying to preserve the grimy rock and roll of yesteryear. TNG attack their audiences with two electric guitars, bass and drums, a staple in rock-band configuration.

The album starts off with “Hit Me” which is intended to strike the listener right away. It’s definitely one of their more rocking numbers. While the intensity is great, the song suffers a little bit from the vocal delivery- the lead singer seems to do better when he’s singing as opposed to shouting.

“That’s Love” continues with the rock attitude, with the oh-so-honest line of “I don’t care, I just wanna get into your pants.” The next song, “Ringing In My Head,” turned out to be one of my favourites of the album. Though the song’s subject matter (getting up after a night of heavy drinking) has certainly been done before, it’s done with extreme catchiness, mainly in the smooth electric guitar and the hook of “I’ve got a ring-ring-ringing in my head.”

“Turn Your Head,” “The Wall” and “Payday” take things down a notch in attempt to showcase the band’s softer side. “Payday” was my favourite of the slower songs due to its blues-y guitar opening.

The band returns to rock form with the song “Sexcellent” which, while having a cheesy title, again shows the band is here to rock and have fun. “You Better Run” showcases some great backup vocals in the chorus and “Stargazer” hasthebest guitar solo of the album.

“Coming Home” ends off the album on a more sombre note. The electric guitar starts off shimmering and comes in more fully when the chorus kicks in.

It’s About Time is a fun trip through some good bread-and-butter rock and roll and should make for some acceptable listening. Get it on iTunes.

Top Tracks: “Ringing In My Head”; “You Better Run”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good) - Grayowl Point Music Blog

"Grimy Dirty Rock"

Let's face it, there's nothing better than rock and roll when it's at its most base. That's what you get with the grimy, dirty rock from Toronto's TNG. The band released their debut full length It's About Time... a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it was about time in my books.
For those who like the Stooges and the Stones. - Snob's Music T.O.

"It's About Time... Review"

It’s About Time, the debut album by Canadian rocker’s TNG hit the streets this August. Three years after the four-man band was formed, yes, I would have to agree, it is about to time they dropped a record.

The album starts strong, but definitely not with their strongest song. Usually a wise decision. “Hit Me” is a high-energy rocking-out track that gives you a taste of exactly what the band is all about.

“Ringing In My Head” is a catchy little tune that happens to be my favorite song on the record. Actually, it’s tied with “The Wall”, a song with this nice rhythmic buildup that explodes into the soaring chorus. “Turn Your Head” and “Payday” are the ballads of the album.

“Stargazer” has even more energy than the opening track, while “Coming Home” has this western vibe to it. That’s right, western, not country. It reminds of cowboys riding in the desert sun–at least in the intro. The song does pick up a bit a little later on.

All of the songs have a rough edge without being rough around the edges, if you know what I mean. TNG has that garage rock sound, but tamed by really good mixing, so it’s never harsh to listen to. To generalize them is a little tricky, but they reminded me of a hybrid version of Van Halen, Joe Cocker, Motorhead, and a bunch of other influences from the classic, eighties, and grunge rock scenes.

Excellent musicianship, strong rhythm on the bass, powerful vocals, kick-ass guitars, pumping drums–It’s About Time is a solid debut for sure. I do like all of the songs–they’re good. But I wish there were a song or two I could love–and there just weren’t any. I guess I was looking for some radio singles. But hey, Led Zep didn’t believe in the idea of singles either. Nuff said. - Carlito's Music Blog

"TNG "It's About Time..." Review."

Excellent musicianship, strong rhythm on the bass, powerful vocals, kick-ass guitars, pumping drums–It’s About Time is a solid debut for sure. - Music Emissions

"TNG CD Release"

"TNG hold nothing back with their music" - Snob's Music T.O.

"TNG CD Release"

"Kickass..." - BlogTO

"Sexcellent Review"

"off the hinges... manic"

-Paul Morris - 97.7 HTZ FM Music Director - Paul Morris - 97.7 HTZ FM


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